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Dust Guards, Saws

Blowers, Dust Socks

Grinders, Respirators, etc.



Silica Dust Extraction
Wet/Dry Models
Slurry & Sludge Extraction

Replacement Filters, Hoses, Cuffs, Separators, etc.



Slurry, Sludge, Flood Reclamation - Relocation, Filtration, Disposal.

Slurry Press Machines

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Super Absorbent


Blades, Cup Wheels
Surface Cleaning + Polishing
Coatings & Joint Sealant Removal




 Slice or Scrape
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Joint Sealant
Coatings Removal
"Without Melting"

Carbide Drill Bits, Chisels, Scrapers Makita Power Tools
Drilling, Demolition, Saws, Dustless Drilling Attachments

Floor Machines --- Dust & Slurry Control
Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines?  Get Off Your Knees! 
Multi-Use Compact Portable Heavy-Duty

Abrasives & Wire Wheels


Floor Machines  >  Diamonds  >  3" to 7" Thin (3mm) Diamond Pads.

3mm Resin, Semi-Metal & Metal Diamond Pads

For Concrete & Stone Polishing, Sanding (light grinding), Coatings Removal

3" - 7" Diameter, Velcro Backed

For use on Auto Scrubber, Electric Floor Grinders, Handheld Grinders & Polishers

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Three (3) 6" metal DiamaPads installed on a 14" velcro pad driver.
Metal Pads.  These pads are very aggressive pads and provide fast stock removal of concrete, terrazzo coatings, sealers and mastics. Metal diamond pads are used when the concrete surface is damaged, has a rough or broom finish, irregular heights, or is coated.  Their grinding performance is smooth and fast.  While they are used to deep grind concrete, remove all types of coatings (hard acrylic or soft mastics), they can also be used to prepare the surface for coating overlays as they leave the pores of the surface open for A+ adhesion and bonding of new coatings or sealers.  They perform like a diamond cup wheel but are 1/3 the weight (less than 8 oz).  With their velcro backing, they install onto velcro pad drivers of the appropriate grinder including handheld and standup machines.

Resin & Semi-Metal Pads.Semi-Metal Pads. These pad are significantly more aggressive and provide longer life than resin pads.  Depending on the initial condition of the floor, Semi-Metal or Transitional (Hybrid) Pads, as they closely look like a resin pads they are generally used before Resin pads or after rough grinding with Metal Pads.  Semi-Metal pads actually start the polishing process as they begin to close the pores of the floor.  They offer all the benefits of a smooth Resin pad but provide longer life and the aggressiveness associated with Metal pads.  After rough grinding with Metal diamond pads the scratch pattern cannot typically be removed by a Resin pad, Semi-Metal pads solve this.


3" Resin Pads being pressed-on to a 14" velcro pad driver.Resin Pads.  Are used after the surface has been totally cleaned and smooth.  Depending on the initial condition of the floor, the Metal or Semi-Metal Pads may first have to be used.  Resin pads are designed to abrade the scratches left from Semi-Metal Pads.  With the diamonds exposed on the surface of a resin pad, deep scratches are quickly sanded away by the diamonds that are suspended in the plastic matrix.  The plastic matrix is what gives the resin pads their less aggressive nature or polishing capability.

While it is true you can hone with a coarse resin pad, they are not really designed for this task (or step) as they will quickly wear under this circumstance.  As you progress through the series of Resin pads - increasing to the finer grits - the pores of the concrete are progressively closed to ultimately result in a mirror-like finish.  The multi-step process provides you with the flexibility to choose how many steps you want to achieve the desired finish.

Typically, you start with a 50 coarse grit and proceed as you would with your regular floor cleaning routine.  After a few passes, you progress to the next grit.  By the time you reach the end of the process, the floor will transform into a beautiful, smooth and polished surface.  The multi-step process provides the flexibility for you to decide how many steps you want.  Depending on the type of floor and its initial condition, as well as the machine's down pressure and speed, the number of passes you make with each grit depends on the level of gloss you wish to obtain.



.250 Thickness
- 20, 30, 60, 120 Grit -

DiamaPad Metal Discs, 6" x 20 - 120 Grits.

Diamond Pads - Metal. 
Surface Preparation Pad for Concrete, Terrazzo Grinding & Coatings Removal

(3) 6" metal DiamaPads installed on the auto scrubber's 14" velcro pad driver.•  Very aggressive and very fast stock removal of concrete, terrazzo and for removing coatings and sealer (hard acrylic finishes or soft, pliable coatings.)
Low noise level - They will not flap, jump or chatter along the surface like a Malish Surface Prep Tool or any other spring metal clip 

•   Provides smooth grinding performance - smooth and easy on an auto scrubber
  Performs like a diamond cup wheel but 1/3 the weight
  Velcro backed pads are simply pressed onto the floor machine's hook'n loop pad driver
•  A+ for cutting through adhesives, paint, glue, epoxies, hard acrylic finishes, etc. 
  Will not load the disc nor melt the coating or sealer
•  A+ for grinding the high and/or rough uneven surfaces of concrete, broom finishes, leveling concrete.

Dry or Wet Use
Very smooth / Low noise grinding
Expected Minimal Footage:
3,000+ sq. ft

Specifically designed for use on electric floor machines, auto scrubber and handheld grinders and polishers.

Item No 6" Size Description Price Ea 3 Pk   Item No 3" Size Description Price Ea 3 Pk
GP620 6", 20 Grit $58.00
GP630 6", 30 Grit $58.00
  GP330 3", 30 Grit $32.00
GP660 6", 60 Grit $58.00
  GP350 3", 50 Grit $32.00
GP6120 6", 120 Grit $58.00
  GP3120 3", 120 Grit $32.00



Resin Bond - 3mm Thickness

Supreme Resin Polishing Pads, 3mm - 3", 4", 5", 7" Diameters.

3", 4", 5", 7" Diameter - Supreme Grade Resin Pads, 100% Resin & Semi-Metal Pads

•  Velcro Packing, Wet or Dry Use
•  For Concrete, Marble, Granite,
XL Life (2,000 - 5,000 sq. ft) 
•  3mm pad height for use with velcro pad drivers on angle grinders, polishers, light weight floor machines (High Torque Floor Grinder), auto scrubbers.

Item No 3" Size Price Ea   Item No 4" Size Price Ea
    P430 4", 30 Grit - 
P350 3", 50 Grit -
$11.00   P450 4", 50 Grit - 
P3100 3", 100 Grit - 
$11.00   P4100 4", 100 Grit - 
P3200 3", 200 Grit - 
$11.00   P4200 4", 200 Grit - 
P3400 3", 400 Grit $11.00   P4400 4", 400 Grit $12.00
P3800 3", 800 Grit $11.00   P4800 4", 800 Grit $12.00
P31500 3", 1500 Grit $11.00   P41500 4", 1500 Grit $12.00
P33000 3", 3000 Grit $11.00   P43000 4", 3000 Grit $12.00
    P4WB 4", White Buff $12.00
Item No 5" Size Price Ea   Item No 7" Size Price Ea
P530 5", 30 Grit - Semi-Metal $17.00   P730 7", 30 Grit - Semi-Metal $39.00
P550 5", 50 Grit -
$17.00   P750 7", 50 Grit -
P5100 5", 100 Grit -
$17.00   P7100 7", 100 Grit -
P5200 5", 200 Grit -
$17.00   P7200 7", 200 Grit -
P5400 5", 400 Grit $17.00   P7400 7", 400 Grit $39.00
P5800 5", 800 Grit $17.00   P7800 7", 800 Grit $39.00
P51500 5", 1500 Grit $17.00   P71500 7", 1500 Grit $39.00
P53000 5", 3000 Grit $17.00   P73000 7", 3000 Grit $39.00


For handheld Angle Grinders, Polishers and the 18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate. *


5/8-11 Pro Grade Rubber Backing Pads - Flexible, Rigid, Soft.

Rubber Backing Holders (3 Types) - Velcro Backing with 5/8-11 Threaded Hub

•  Flexible Backer - Medium Flexibility
•  Rigid - No Flexibility
•  Extra Soft - Very Soft / Very Flexible

Aluminum Backing (1 Type) - Velcro Backing with 5/8-11 Threaded Hub
•  No Flexibility - For Flat Surfaces

 *  The aluminum backing pad cannot be used with the Threaded Studs of the 18" Floor Plate.  Any of the Rubber Backing Pads can be used, the Rigid Holders are recommended (4", 5" or 7").


Aluminum *

Aluminum Backing Pad, Velcro Backing, 5/8-11 Hub.

Item No 3" Backers Price   Item No 4" Size Price
BR3F 3" Flexible Holder $10.00   BR4F 4" Flexible Holder $12.00
BR3R 3" Rigid Holder $10.00   BR4R 4" Rigid Holder $12.00
BR3S 3" Extra Flexible Holder $10.00   BR4S 4" Extra Flexible Holder $12.00
BR3A 3" Aluminum Holder $19.50   BR4A 4" Aluminum Holder $24.00
Item No 5" Size Price   Item No 7" Size Price
BR5F 5" Flexible Holder $17.00   BR7F 7" Flexible Holder $25.00
BR5R 5" Rigid Holder $17.00    
BR5S 5" Extra Flexible Holder $17.00  
BR5A 5" Aluminum Holder $29.00   BR7A 7" Aluminum Holder $49.00


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