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Vacuums  >  Model H12 ~ Hospital HEPA Filtration Quiet Vacuum.

Dust Director® Hospital Quiet Vacuum

Hospital Quiet Vacuum - 2" Inlet for increased airflow, HEPA Filtration, Insulated Motor Head.

Hospital HEPA Vacuum
Powerful CFM, Silent Running

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Silent, Powerful, Multi-Purpose, Wet/Dry Use ---- Very Powerful Suction, Whisper Quiet Operation.

Double HEPA Filtration for improved exhaust protection.64 dB(A) Low Noise, 2" Inlet for Increase Airflow Performance

Double HEPA Filtration
Bag Full Warning Light
2" Inlet for Increase Performance


Made of antibacterial plastics to inhibit any development and proliferation of bacteria.  The following three (3) levels of filtration help make the H12 Hospital Vacuum suitable for operating in environments where hygiene and quiet running is absolutely necessary, such as Hospital and Clean Rooms:

  • Clean Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag
  • Wet/Dry Washable HEPA Cartridge Filter
  • Secondary HEPA Cartridge in the Motor Head.

Equipped with a powerful, industrial grade motor, the H12 is similar to our DD1000 and DD1200 Dust Director Vacuums but with sound deadening insulation for ultra quiet operation --- the H12 Hospital Vacuum can be used at any time of day or night.  

See below for additional Model Features.

Performance, equipped as follows -- 7 Gallon, 120 volt, 1300 watt, 130 CFM, 113" H20 (water lift/static suction force), (3) Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags, Washable HEPA Cartridge Filter, Secondary Motor Head HEPA Filters, filter warning indicator light, rubber wheels and casters, 2" Inlet, 1-1/2" x 12' hose with full assortment 9 pc. tool kit for surface and upholstery cleaning.



Available Accessories

Assorted Vacuum Hoses.HOSES - Lightweight and flexible.  Hoses are complete with an inlet hose cuff and 2" ID smooth soft vinyl hose cuff (to slide over the barrel of a dust control guard).

12' x 1-1/2" Hose
$ 70.00    
(Included with H12)

12' x 2" Hose
$ 70.00    
Available @ N/C instead of the 1-1/2" hose.

25' x 2" Hose


CLEAN EXTREME FILTER COLLECTION BAGS   #HL500-25   (3 included with H12)

Small Filter Bag, 2-1/2" Inlet Port, Collects Powders, Creosote, Mastics, Sharp Objects, etc. -- No Filter Blinding or Bursting!

2/Pk, $13.85/bag

20/Bx, $11.55/bag

50/Case, $10.00/bag

Free Shipping on (1) Case of Filter Bags.



Certified HEPA Cartridge Filter, fits all Dust Director Vacuums.Optional Certified HEPA Cartridge Filter.
P/N:  15933HK   Price:  $120.00      






The H12 Dust Director® Hospital Vacuum is equipped with a washable HEPA Filter located downstream of the motor and a true HEPA Filter located upstream.  The bag full warning light compliments the Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag that captures and contains over 96% of the debris, whether it be ultra fine dust to sludge.


AIRFlow HEPA Filter System.  Equipped with the same filtration that is used in all of our Dust Director® Vacuums to extract large volumes of dry powders without incurring suction drop.  The extracted powders will accumulate in the tank, to its inlet port, without suction loss ~ Guaranteed.

Small Filter Bag, 2-1/2" Inlet Port, Collects Powders, Creosote, Mastics, Sharp Objects, etc. -- No Filter Blinding or Bursting!Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag.  As part of the AIRFlow HEPA Filtration System, besides vacuuming dry powders you'll also be able to vacuum any type of solid/liquid waste - even at the same time.  Other types of debris that you may vacuum, all completely sealed within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag, include:  Mastic, spoiled food, bio-medical waste, grease, heavy sludge, sharp objects, etc.

Extreme Durability.  With everything completely collected and contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag, you assured against the filter bag accidentally burst inside the collection tank (like a paper bag);  nor will it tear while being removed for disposal (3 bags are included with the vacuum).

Reduced Bacteria Exposure.  Handling and disposal of the waste --- completely contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag --- is clean, safe and without a mess ~ Even the outside of the filter bag stays clean!


Reliable.  Easy to Maintain.  Practical.  Industrial Grade Motor to Operate for Long Periods.  With its polyester cartridge filter, you're able to vacuum dry and wet debris and even at the same time!  While the H12's cool teal color and neat, chic design is very pleasing and professional to the eye, its reduced size but powerful quiet performance makes the Hospital Vacuum a very versatile and satisfying vacuum to operate.

User Friendly.  Solutions for dust and water combined into the same vacuum machine usually affect the filtration and involves high filter expenses.  Cleaning the vacuum also becomes more time-consuming.  The H12 Hospital Vacuum, in contrast, has been developed to perform the clearly identified task as a powerful, industrial grade "general purpose" wet/dry vacuum.  Equipped with impressive power, quiet operation, filtration to vacuum large quantities of fine dust AND dry/wet debris, and a careful and safe means to handle and dispose of the extracted waste.


Poured in place urethane gasket - in all Dust Director Vacuums and Cyclones.Urethane Motor Head Gasket.  Beneath the motor head of every H12 Hospital Vacuum is our exclusive poured-in-place urethane gasket that is used to ensure a positive airtight seal between the motor head and its tank.  Commonly used shop vacuums and even higher priced vacuums will use foam or nothing at all.

The urethane gasket ensures against dust leakage into your work area and prevents even the slightest loss of vacuum which would naturally reduce suction power.  Many wonder how the suction of all of our Dust Director® Vacuums and Cyclones seem so much more powerful than other brands, one of the reasons is the urethane gasket.


Certified HEPA Cartridge Filter, fits all Dust Director Vacuums.Certified HEPA Cartridge Filter.  As with all of our Dust Director® Vacuums and Cyclones, our non-certified washable HEPA cartridge filter is standard in the H12 Hospital Vacuum.

With a 99.97% efficiency rating @ 0.3 microns, the filter stays relatively clean due to the high efficiency rating of the synthetic Clean Extreme Filter Bag - rated at 96.25% @ 0.3 microns.

The suction of toxic and dangerous substances involves the use of an extractor suitable for filtering and containing those particles that - as opposed to a common vacuum cleaner - will escape from the extractor and come back into the environment and be harmful for health if inhaled.

On those occasions, a "certified" Dust Director HEPA cartridge is available.  This non-washable, dry use only filter is complete with an Authentic Certification Number:

Individual testing of the complete filter --- in accordance with recognized industry standards --- is the only way to ensure the performance and integrity of a HEPA certified filter.  Each certified Dust Director® HEPA Filter includes the following to meet our quality assurance standards and your guarantee of authenticity:  Filter efficiency rating, pressure drop, rated air flow, serial number and lot number for unit tracking.

A Dust Director® Vacuum Cleaner with AIRFlow HEPA Filtration, using either the certified or non-certified HEPA rated filter and a Clean Extreme Filter Bag guarantees you a good working environment.



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