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Floor Machines  >  Vacuums  >    Slurry DeWatering  >    Model S-2000, 2-Motor Wet Collection Pump-Out Vacuum.


2-Motor Sump & Sludge Vacuum

Heavy Sludge Extraction 2-Motor Pump-Out Vacuum.

Dust Director S2000
2-Motor Sump & Sludge
Industrial Vacuum


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Complimentary Products - Slurry "Disposal"

Slurry Solidify - Super Absorbent Polymer.

After emptying the "white" slurry collection bag into a tray, spread and mix a handful of the Super Absorbent Polymer into the sludge and mix.  Within minutes the watered sludge is solidified and approved for "dumpster" disposable.




The 24 gallon S2000 Sump and Sludge Industrial Vacuum is similar our SV2000 Slurry Vacuum but with greater solids and liquid collection capacities, along with faster extraction and discharge operations.

This No-Nonsense, No-Frills but Durable 2-Motor Suction Power Wet Vacuum does not filter or separate the debris from liquid.  Instead it impressively extracts volumes of liquid waste and the heaviest of sludge.  And just as impressive is its submersible pump that discharges the collected sludge at 60 gallons per minute.

Used and operated as a standard wet extraction vacuum, the motor head is removed to provide access to the 16" opening to insert and remove the rugged cast iron 1/3 HP effluent pump and its 24' of 1-1/2" drainage tubing.

The S2000 wet vacuum cleaner can also be easily converted to our DD2000 Vacuum as an OSHA approved Dust Extractor.  With the Dry Conversion Filter installed you can expect to collection 150 lbs. of silica powder without suction drop and without compromising the HEPA cartridge filter (which is completely washable.)

Other features of the S2000 Sump and Sludge Industrial Vacuum are its powerful 120 volt twin 1000 watt 8.5 amp motors, 195 CFM, 125" H20 and 2" inlet.

Ideal Applications:

  • Slurry Recovery from Concrete Sawing and Grinding
  • Oils, Fluids, Metals and Plastic Chips and Shaving from Machine Shops
  • Coolant and Fluid Transfers and Aeration
  • Water and Debris Recovery from Pressure Washing -
    Outdoor applications:  Buildings, Driveways, Walkways, etc.
    Indoor applications:  Manufacturing Machines, Food Manufacturers and Restaurant Wash Down Recovery.

Additional Features:  

  • Two powerful by-pass motors are protected from debris and liquids by a perforated float cage that is also used to keep the tank from overfilling.
  • Even with its large 24 gallon collection capacity the complete unit really seems to be just the right size for maneuverability.
  • Incredibly rugged and durable, the heavy gauge polyethylene tank is dent and corrosion resistance and its black color hides wear and tear well that helps promote a professional appearance every time you show up to the job site.


S2000 - Equipped as follows:  

  • 1/3 HP Cast Iron Construction Effluent Pump

  • 24' x 1-1/2" drain hose kit

  • 2" x 12' Crushproof Hose

  • 9 pc. x 2" diameter Nozzle Kit complete with 16" Floor Squeegee and Brush (both are on wheels for easy sweeping)

  • Vacuum Size:  19.5" x 17" x 38", 45 lbs.


Available Accessories30" Floor Squeegee - Impressive removal of slurry ~ Saves your auto scrubber!  

30" Front Mount Floor Sweep, #T80184   Easy installation onto the 24 Gallon HD Polyethylene Tank.  Save your auto scrubber - the T80184 is a highly recommended accessory.        $290.00  



Blue Slurry Containment Basket - HD Nylon / Plastic Coated."Blue" Slurry Containment Basket   #SB24 - Combination HD Nylon / Plastic Basket, completely re-useable and washable.  Option Filter Bag for collecting larger types of debris particles.



High Efficiency - Slurry Collection & Containment Filter Bag"White" High Efficiency Filter Collection Bag
#SW24 - Completely re-useable and washable.  Includes HD Rubber & Vinyl Gasket for connection to the tank's inlet port and a HD drawstring for easy and fast disposal of the contained sludge.  The #SW24 collects, separates, filters & contains the debris from the extracted slurry as filtered water flows into the tank for discharge.     $88.00  



HEPA Rated:  99.97% Efficiency @ 0.3 mircon.Clean/Extreme Filter Collection Bag.  HD, cloth filter bag installs into any W/D vacuum, maintains suction performance, collect dry, wet, sharp debris.

Dry Conversion Filter, #T80122K:  $120.00     
Converts the SV-2000 into a powerful 2-Motor dry filtration vacuum, complete with HEPA Cartridge Filter & (3) Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags.





  • Heavy-duty Polyethylene 24 Gallon Tank -- Structurally ribbed for extremely durability - withstands severe abuse and corrosion resistant for long term durability and professional appearance.  Compact and portable, with a large enough collection capacity . . . The tank is equipped with 3" rubber casters, 8" rubber wheels, push/pull loop handle, 2" inlet port w/ swivel lock-in hose retainer.

  • Continuous Duty Cast Iron Effluent Pump --  1/3 HP, 7.5 Amp, Tethered Float Switch Activated.

    Cast Iron 1/3 HP Effluent Pump, 7.6 Amp, 1-1/2" Discharge - handles 5/8" solids.
    Application / Use:  

    • Used to extract and discharge heavy sludge and debris contained in the 24 gallon tank, including concrete slurry.

    • The motor head is removed from the 24 gallon tank then the pump and its 24' of 1-1/2" drain hose is lower into the tank.

    • Turn the pump on to quickly and efficiently empty the tank.

    24' of drainage hose x 1-1/2" diameter, complete with fittings to attach to effluent pump. Effluent Submersible Pump - Features:

    • Continuous Duty Thermally Protected

    • Will lift water up to 25' of vertical height

    • Rugged cast iron construction

    • Easily handles 5/8" solids

    • Large 1-1/2" discharge for high capacity pumping

    • Thermoplastic, non-clogging vortex impreller

    • 1/3 HP, 7.6 Amp, Tethered Float, 10' cord length, 1 Year Warranty.

  • 2-Motor Suction Power -- Provides impressive vacuuming performance.  Floors are left completely dry with one pass of the 16" squeegee (included) or with the optional 30" Floor Sweep.

    Perforated Float Cage.

  • 2" Nozzle & Hose Kit -- 12" Flexible & Crushproof Hose, 16" Floor Squeegee & Narrow Crevice Tool 

  • Perforated Float Cage -- With all of the features equipped in the SV-2000, the perforated float cage prevents the collection tank from accidentally overfilling.




  • Flood Recovery Vacuum -- Picks up large volumes of water in a short time from flooded areas, including basements, and pumps it out of the location.  Powerful water lift is ideal for vacuuming liquid waste from containers, pools, outhouses, pipes, etc.  

  • Automatic "high tech" Floor Scrubbers.Replaces Expensive Automatic Floor Scrubbers -- As technology advances continue in the concrete polishing profession, no one seems to be addressing the issue of providing an efficient method to remove concrete slurry from the floor.

    When extracting concrete slurry during grinding and polishing operations, very expensive automatic floor scrubbers are often used as a simple wet/dry vacuum.

    While automatic floor scrubbers have their place (A+ to use after the heavy slurry has been vacuumed), they are a very expensive piece of equipment to be used as a simple wet/dry vacuum.

    Additionally, scrubbers (with all of their electronics and mechanical moving parts) require constant maintenance  ---  even when used for their intended application which is to simply scrub dirty floors with water.

    30" Floor Sweep attached.  Converts the S2000 into a HD Floor Squeegee. When used to squeegee and vacuum concrete slurry, the abusive nature of concrete cuts the life of these machines by over 80%.  Meanwhile, you're constantly cleaning, maintaining and servicing them . . .

    With the 30" Floor Squeegee installed, the S2000 Sump & Sludge Vacuum provides:

    ·  Fast recovery of water, chemicals, heavy sludge
    ·  Floors are impressively swept completely clean
    ·  Larger recovery tank compared to an automatic scrubber
    ·  Easy and economical to maintain - simply flush with water.

    Additionally, during dry grinding, the same 30" Floor Squeegee is equally effective as a floor "brush" to vacuum concrete dust.

30" Front Mount Sweep Attachment - Highly recommended attachment.

Powerful 2-Motor Suction + 30" Floor Squeegee = Fast & Impressive "Dry" Floors.The absolute best floor squeegee on the market for concrete slurry and stripping floors with chemicals (instead of using an Auto Scrubber).

30" Floor Squeegee, front blade is completely and easily adjustable (and removeable for transporting).Simple to install onto the 24 gallon tank.  With the vacuum's 2-motor suction power, floors are impressively vacuumed and left dry, ready for immediate traffic.

Squeegee any type of liquid waste including chemicals and mastics during floor stripping.  Sludge or any debris is contained in the Blue & White Slurry Filter Bags while gray filtered water is discharged by the internal sump pump.


Vacuum Dry Powders:  The blades of the squeegee along with the front bar adjustment feature makes the squeegee incredible at vacuuming dry powders.


  • Installs onto the 24 gallon tank

  • Fixed middle wheel prevents a suck-down effect from the rubber blades (reference above pictures)

  • The front arm is completely adjustable by the hand knobs (ref. picture, above right).  Easily adjust the angle of the blades to the precise position for your slurry, liquid or powder

  • Soft rubber notched front blade directs debris inwards towards the vacuum's suction stream

  • Solid rear blade prevents the debris from escaping, while also ensuring it flows inwards - towards the suction stream (debris will not load in-front of the blades nor be pushed along . . .)

  • Outside rubber wheels prevent accidental wall scraping

  • Complete with 2' hose section for connection to the tank's inlet port.

Rear release pedal for easy up/down operation and for transporting.Convenient rear foot pedal raises and lowers the 30" squeegee.The complete assembly includes the convenient Rear Foot Bar to lower and raise the squeegee by your foot (ref. picture.)  In the raised position it locks into the notch in the tank for easy transportation.





Environmental Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors and limits the nature and magnitude of waste products that is allowed to be discharged into the waters of the United States, while local sanitary and sewer authorities set limits for the volume of Suspended Solids (Sludge) and Chemical Composition (pH) of the wastewater that is allowed to be discharged into their local sanitary sewer systems.

Slurry De-Watering Solutions
What To Do with The Discharged Sludge & Wastewater?

Once discharged by the Slurry Vacuum the slurry will have to be de-watered to comply with Environmental Regulations.  An economical and efficient means of handling and disposing of the slurry is to solidify it with Super Absorbent Slurry Solidify, as follows:



Slurry Solidify - Original. Super Absorbent Polymer.Slurry Solidify.  Polymer based super absorbent to handle fresh water base slurry.   Available in 50 lb. bags.

One (1) 50 pound bag of Slurry Solidify is always recommended when you purchase a Slurry Vac #SV-2000.  After emptying the "white" Collection Bag, you'll have free water in the sludge.  Simply by spreading and mixing a handful of the polymer into the sludge you'll quickly and completely absorb the free water.

Slurry Solidify is a "premium" Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that quickly absorbs the free water AND only requires a minimal amount of the product to be use.  With the sludge is solidified (no free liquid), the waste product is now classified as standard construction waste and approved for landfill disposal.  NOTE:  The more you add of the SAP, the harder the waste will become.  For legal disposal, a paste is fine - you just can't have any dripping.

#SS50   Slurry Solidify Premium    50 lb Bag, $ 140.00 / Bag 

SOLIDIFICATION YIELD:  50 lb bag solidifies 1,600 gallons of slurry wastewater.

 For additional information on Super Absorbent Slurry Solidify < Click Here >. 


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