“3-for-3” Floor Machines

Improving Lives with Machines . . .
Grind, Scrub, Restore, Polish, Sweep, Maintain ~

– Any Type of Hard Floor Surface –

Five (5) Versatile, Multi-Function, Portable, Affordable Machines. Why Multi-Use and not a “dedicated” machine?
Multi-Use Machines use Fewer Chemicals. Less Water. Less Labor. And Require Less Equipment.

Using the latest advancements in technology, “3-for-3” Multi-Function Machines achieve the Finish and Productivity you want while reducing the number of machines you need to purchase, use, transport and store.

Instead of using multiple machines, you’ll simply be changing the machine’s speed, weight or diamonds which reduces downtime between operations.

Industrial, Compact. High Performance. “3-for-3” Machines are for the professional floor contractor to the beginner in the floor care industry. Easy and user friendly to learn and operate ~ you’ll quickly appreciate their effectiveness in obtaining the results you want – Using less time and less labor.

Versatile but powerful, “3-for-3” Machines handle the big and small size jobs. Used with the appropriate tooling, not only are machine expenditures reduced but multi-person crews are efficiently and effectively replaced with only one operator.

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