Alternative Caulking Removal Products

Its nice to have choices, but…informed directions are even better.

Trying to removing caulking from expansion joints? Here are a few possible solutions . . .

Wire Wheels
Standard 12″ wire wheels gum-up, has no life, and do not always fit the various 12″ portable saws.
Dust Director 12″ Professional Wire Wheels

Diamond Blades
Diamond Blades melt caulking.
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Tornado Diamond Blade
These blades tend to also melt caulking. However, they do work better than standard diamond blades.
Tornado Diamond Blade

FEIN Caulk Cutter
For use on soft, pliable caulking.
FEIN Caulk Cutter

Carbide Caulk Cutting Blade
Fast, very aggressive caulking removal blade.

You need to avoid constant contact of the blade on the sides of masonry and concrete joints.

Will throw hot, melted shavings of the caulking . . .

Fantastic for removing Concrete Expansion Joint Felt.
Carbide Caulk Cutting Removal Blade

Caulk-Kut II Blade
Diamond Caulking Cut-Out Blades. For use on walk-behind saws and hand-held grinders. Both tools need to operate at a lower Rpm (Angle Grinders need to be variable speed models, and the walk-behind saw needs to operate at just above idle speed.)

This blade chunks-out hard or soft joint sealant material while lightly scraping the joint’s inside edge … thereby providing a clean, finished surface for resealing.
Diamond Caulking Cut-Out Blade

Sealant Removal Diamond Cup Wheel
Removes adhesives, epoxies, acrylics, paints from concrete surfaces – extremely fast ~ without melting the coating material.
Sealant Removal Diamond Cup

ZEC? Epoxy / Paint / Glue Removal Disc
Removes adhesive-type / tar products from concrete surfaces?
ZEC? – Epoxy / Paint / Glue Removal Disc

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