Dust Director Diamond Blades

A quick word on . . .

. . . the Dust Director?
Diamond Blades / Products

The Dust Director has evolved to become the leading and most recognized dust control vacuum guard in the United States. As Dust Director sales and inquiries have increased, our knowledge in this field has also increased.

Why use Dust Director? Diamond Blades?

It has come to our attention that an extremely wide selection of diamond blades are being marketed . . . frequently from sales people who lack the appropriate diamond knowledge.

Dust Director? Diamond Blades & Products

All of our Dust Director brand products have been researched, evaluated and tested specifically for our market of concentration – the Concrete & Masonry Restoration profession.

Demanded Performance . . . at a Low Price

The Dust Director dustless cutting guard was designed by listening to contractor needs, wants, and concerns in using a vacuum-style dustless guard.

Likewise, we’ve used the same formula in establishing the Dust Director Diamond Product Line . . . we listened – to you – the contractor.

Success of Dust Director Diamond Products

Before we introduce any of our diamond products to market, a thorough testing and evaluation of the product is conducted by contractors like yourself.

Contractor Feedback

Your feedback is the Number One factor we use in determining whether the Dust Director label is placed on the diamond blade.

Dust Director Diamond Product?Guarantee:

“The performance of your first Dust Director
Diamond Blade will be consistent with the next . . .
. . . from one diamond blade to the next . . .
. . . from your first purchase . . . to the next purchase . . .
. . . Consistent blade performance . . . Always!”

We Eliminate the Crap Shoot . . .

We take away – we eliminate the guess and hope that we all seem to go through when purchasing diamond blades.

A Confident Purchase – Every Time
The Dust Director Diamond Product Line is intended to assure you of total confidence in your diamond blade purchase . . .

Our Guarantee of Consistent Blade Performance . . . Every time.

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