20" High Torque Floor Grinder & 18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

Economical, High Performance 20″ Floor Grinder & 18″ Cup Wheel Plate.

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Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate.

18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

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Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud includes hardware for using all types of wheels and abrasives.

5/8-11 Threaded Studs (6)

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20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".

20″ High Torque Low RPM 120 volt Floor Grinder

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3" Resin Pads being pressed-on to a 14" velcro pad driver.

Diamond Polishing Pad

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Bristle Pad Driver w/ Center Lock Nut for Pads.

18″ Bristle Pad Driver with Center Lock Nut

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19″ Velcro Pad Driver

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Nylon Scrub Brushes.

18″ Nylon Scrub Brush

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25 lb. horseshoe weight plates for the Floor Grinder.

25 lb. Horseshoe Weight Plates.

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Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard.

Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard

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4 Gallon Solution Tank.

4-Gallon Water / Solution Tank

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Water Feed Kit for Garden Hose Attachment

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Combination System For Concrete Grinding, Coatings Removal, Scarifying
Portable, Versatile, Low 8.4 Amp Draw Planetary Grinder
Eliminate Multiple, Costly & Heavy Equipment

. . . Get Off Your Knees & Seriously Increase Production!

20″ Heavy-Weight Multi-Use Floor Grinder & 18″ Cup Wheel Floor Plate

Made in the USAMulti-Function / Heavy-Duty Use

For All Surfaces: Concrete, Marble, Vinyl, Steel

Grind, Sand, Polish, Scarify, Maintain, Clean, Scrub
— Incredible @ Coatings Removal, Scarifying —

2-Component Combination — Simple, Economical, Incredible Productivity.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing & Maintenance System. Whether your business is resurfacing, facility maintenance or DIY, the 110 Volt High Torque Grinder & Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate will not only transform the floor but you’ll use the same equipment to maintain it.

Used Together ~ Expect to Grind 1000 ft? of Concrete per Hour

Guaranteed Fast . . . After purchasing one machine and seeing the productivity for themselves, depending on the project it is not uncommon that multiple machines are purchased within a week (this happens frequently.)

Learn more about the ICS 20″ Indestructible & High Productivity Surface Prep / Maintenance System

20″ Floor Grinder – Multi-Use Versatility / Low 160 RPM. Includes 75 lbs. of weight plates, slurry/dust shroud, and operates from a 8.4 amp draw planetary motor.

Grinder – Accessories – Scrub Brushes, Velcro Pad Drivers, Weight Plates, Water Feed Kit, Pads, etc (more information below or click the photos above).

18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate – Accepts a wide variety of cup wheels to grind, scarify and to remove coatings; resin and semi-metal diamond pads and discs to polish and restore finishes; or install the carbide cutters to scarify concrete or to remove rubber or thicker coatings.
Plate – Accessories – Threaded Studs, Replacement Hardware, Carbide Cutters.

20″ HD Grinder & 18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

From Heavy-Duty Grinding to the Absolute Best System for Coatings Removal

Then used to Maintain, Clean & Polish the floor . . .


20″ Floor Grinder & 18″ Plate

Used together to handle every single type of flooring project.

For use on a Wide Variety of Surfaces and Tasks: Restoration, Grinding, Coatings Removal, Polishing, General Cleaning with Pads and Scrub Brushes, etc.

  • General maintenance – scrubbing, cleaning, stripping floors
  • Polish with diamond impregnated, resin & standard floor pads
  • Attach the carbide scraper chips to remove thicker coatings such as rubber, tar and ice . . . or to scarify the floor
  • Use the wide assortment of diamond cup wheels to grind, remove coatings, begin the polishing process, prepare the floor for coating adhesion
  • Or use the knotted wire cup brushes to clean steel decks, concrete forms, helicopter landing pads, etc.

25 lb. Horseshoe Weight Plates.
Up to 3 plates may be used. The weights increase the versatility of the machine, providing the additional weight distribution for effective sanding, stripping, scarifying, stone care and more.

Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard

Provides for virtually dust free grinding. Easily field installation / removal.

Dust shield / splash guard is included with the grinder and it may be used with or without the weight plates.

4-Gallon Water / Solution Tank.


Complete with hardware, on/off lever to release solution and solution discharge line. The solution tank is included and installed on the machine.

Water Feed Kit for Garden Hose attachment, complete with attachment hardware. HP0033

19″ Velcro Pad Driver (MV119). For use with Velcro Diamond Pads (3mm thickness – left picture).

The entire bottom of the driver is covered with a velcro like material called “Applix”.

The diamond pads stick to the driver via the Applix / Velcro style hook and loop material. A rubber cushion is also installed within the driver to reduce tearing should uneven floors be encountered (often called, lippage).

To order & select the various types, sizes and grits of Resin, Semi-Metal and Metal “velcro backed” pads,

Diamond Pads are used to grind or to lightly sand dull concrete and stone floors into polished surfaces. Pads are available is a wide assortment of grits (30 – 3000) and diameters (3″ – 7″).

Velcro Pad Driver – For use with velcro diamond resin and semi-metal pads. Used to polish, restore and renew concrete and stone floors.

18″ Bristle Pad Driver with Center Lock Nut (MS119) For use with pads to clean, maintain and polish all types of floor types.

Accepts 19″ standard floor pads and our DiamaPads (diamond impregnated pads, picture – left).

Pad driver is equipped with an extra strong propylene block to hold the clutch plate and riser securely together.

DiamaPads – Advanced diamond technology to clean and polishing floors AT THE SAME TIME. For information & ordering,

18″ Bristle Pad Driver – With center lock nut to not only center the pads but to secure them to the driver.

18″ Nylon Scrub Brush (MB118). A long lasting synthetic fiber, often used for light to medium duty scrubbing of vinyl, sealed concrete, terrazzo, slate and marble floors.

Nylon offers a greater lifespan than polypropylene scrub brushes with better cleaning action – complete with riser and clutch plate.