Hot Rod Saws

Dustless Crack Chasing, Straight & Radius Cutting

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Dustless Crack Chasing - 4-1/2", 5" and 6" Blades.

6″ Hot Rod Saw HR6 Crack Chaser

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9" Hybrid - Used for dustless crack chasing.

9″ Hybrid Hot Rod Saw – Model HR9H

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Dustless Hot Rod Saws

Saw Cuts, Joint Widening, Joint Cleaning, Crack Chasing
– Joint Sealant Removal –
Why Spend Thousands on Individual Saws?

Portable, Versatile, Heavy-Duty Performance
Eliminate Multiple, Costly & Heavy Equipment . . . And Get Off Your Knees!

Small, Compact, Heavy-Duty “Portable” Hot Rod Saws:

Water Blasting - For joint sealant removal.Cut Perfectly Straight Lines.? Unlock the Rear Wheels to Cut Radius Lines.? All with Complete Dust Containment.

Route Cracks – With Complete Visibility and Dust Containment.

Remove Joint Sealant – Outperforms Hydro Blasting ~ Significantly Faster, Cleaner, Better.

The design of the Hybrid Hot Rod Saws was based on a project for a US Air Force Base in San Diego, CA.? The contractor was hydro blasting joint sealant from expansion joints on the runways.

Joint Sealant Cutter Blade, 4-1/2".Because of the environmental mess created from hydro blasting we were called in to demonstrate the Hot Rod Saw and our Stellite Cutter Blade.? Besides being dust and slurry free, the contractor realized a 3:1 increase in productivity vs. Hydro Blasting!