Floor Machines

Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines? Get Off Your Knees!

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Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate.

18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

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Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud includes hardware for using all types of wheels and abrasives.

5/8-11 Threaded Studs (6)

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Dustless Crack Chasing - 4-1/2", 5" and 6" Blades.

6″ Hot Rod Saw HR6 Crack Chaser

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9" Hybrid - Used for dustless crack chasing.

9″ Hybrid Hot Rod Saw – Model HR9H

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20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".

20″ High Torque Low RPM 120 volt Floor Grinder

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Heavy Sludge Extraction 2-Motor Pump-Out Vacuum.

Dust Director 2-Motor Sump & Sludge Industrial Vacuum

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2-Motor 24-Gallon Slurry Vacuum: Solids are contained, filtered gray water is discharged.

2-Motor Sump & Slurry Industrial Vacuum

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120 Volt, 8" Heavy-Duty Scarifier.

8″ Scarifier M5-1

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120 Volt, 8" Heavy-Duty Scarifier.

8″ Scarifier M5-1C

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Bristle Pad Driver w/ Center Lock Nut for Pads.

18″ Bristle Pad Driver with Center Lock Nut

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19″ Velcro Pad Driver

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25 lb. horseshoe weight plates for the Floor Grinder.

25 lb. Horseshoe Weight Plates.

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Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard.

Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard

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4 Gallon Solution Tank.

4-Gallon Water / Solution Tank

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Water Feed Kit for Garden Hose Attachment

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Multi-Use Dust & Slurry Control Floor Machines

Compact & Portable ~ Extremely Versatile, Productive & Durable

Hot Rod Saws

4 Models:
Dustless Crack Chasing
Dustless Saw Cutting
Joint Widening, Cleaning
Best Feature:? Joint Sealant Removal ~? Outperforms Hydro Blasting!

20″ 110 Volt, HD High Torque, Low RPM Grinder

HD Concrete Grinding with standard cup wheels
Light Sanding, Cleaning & Polishing with Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads
Best Feature?? Thick Coatings & Sealant Removal

21″ Propane Grinder, Burnisher

HD Grinding, Coating Removal, Polish and Burnish
Versatility to go down basement stairs or large wide open floors – 11,000 ft? / hr.
Rip’n Tear Coatings Removal

Concrete Slurry Vacuum

Powerful 2-Motor Suction + Dual Filtration?

Extract Liquid, Slurry, Algae, Heavy Sludge, etc.

30″ Floor Squeegee is the best in the industry – floor are left dry and ready for immediate traffic.

Outperforms an Auto Scrubber.? Plus why use such an expensive machine . . . they really aren’t designed to extract sludge.

8″ Handheld Scarifier

For Edging and Maintenance Work on Concrete, Metal, Iron & Asphalt
Edges along walls and tight areas
For use on concrete, steel, iron and asphalt to scrarify and remove paint, coatings, sealers.

Gansow Sweeper / Vacuum

Outperforms an upright or shop vacuum 10:1 ~ sweeps over 30,000 ft? / hr.

Gansow Auto Scrubbers

180 & 600 RPM High Speed Scrubbers
Scrub & Recover over 120,000 sq. ft.?on a single 6 hour charge –
Polish over 10,000 sq. ft. in a single night.
At 600 RPM you’re able to Clean, Scrub and Increase a Floor’s Shine 3:1 vs. using a standard 180 RPM Auto Scrubber.? Plus, water consumption is reduced by 80%!