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For Slurry Extraction, Cleaning, Scrubbing & Polishing. Manufactured by IPC Gansow ? The World’s Fastest Growing Manufacturer of Automatic Scrubbers in the World. ECS 2-Speed Auto Scrubbers – 180 & 600 RPM

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14", Gansow Auto Scrubbers - CT 180 RPM & ECS 600 RPM Auto Scrubbers.

14″ Auto Scrubbers

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Bristle Pad Driver w/ Center Lock Nut for Pads.

14″ Bristle Pad Driver with Center Lock Nut

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14" Nylon Scrub Brush - Medium Stiff.

14″ Nylon Scrub Brushes

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Sale! 28", Gansow Auto Scrubbers - CT 180 RPM & ECS 2-Speed 180 & 600 RPM Auto Scrubbers.

28″ Auto Scrubbers

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Micro Filber Scrub Pad.

Micro Fiber Pads, 14″

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IPC Gansow

Contractors! Are you walking away from all of your hard work and effort of transforming old, worn and damaged floors into downright beautiful works of art . . . And leaving an outside cleaning company the easy and profitable work of maintain your work of art?

Transforming or installing a harden and polished surface takes know-how, machines, equipment and time. But once installed, maintaining any polished surface is relative easy and inexpensive, but it has to be done.

Consider This: You have all the equipment, supplies and knowledge, and no one knows that particular floor better than you . . . You simply have to bring it to the owner’s attention that the surface needs maintained – Regularly if not daily. And you can create and do the Maintenance Schedule for him — Easily, quickly and economically using an ECS Automatic Floor Scrubber.

ECS – Economy Cleaning System ~ 2-Speed Automatic Scrubber

Why use a tradition 180 rpm single speed auto scrubber when an ECS Auto Scrubber gives you so many more options, versatility, productivity and savings:

> Used as a “traditional” scrubber at 180 rpm to Clean, Scrub and Extract Concrete Slurry

> Switch to its 600 rpm high speed mode for Easy & Impressive Cleaning, Polishing and Productivity during Floor Maintenance.

The benefits of High Speed 600 RPM Auto Scrubbing:

Water and chemical consumption are reduced 80-90%! The 600 rpm speed offsets the use of water considerably . . .
By using less water, floors dry significantly faster which means they are available for immediate foot and vehicle traffic sooner. This is a major benefit for liability insurance when you consider “slip and fall” accidents.
Besides the environmental savings of using 80-90% less water (and chemicals), your labor is reduced 30-50% simply because you are NOT “dumping and refilling” an ECS machine nearly as often.
With a 3:1 increase in speed (180 vs. 600 rpm), the floor’s shine will be 3 times greater – each time you clean!