Mudhen Slurry Press ~ Filter / Separation Machines

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Mudhen Model 1.0

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Mudhen Max

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Electric Mudhen Compressor, 110 volt.

Electric Compressor for Mudhens

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Gas Mudhen Compressor.

Gas Compressor for Mudhens

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Portable Slurry Press Machines.? Solid/Liquid Waste Extraction, Compression, Separation, Discharge

Mudhen Logo - Slurry Compression / Filtration Machines.Solid / Liquid Waste Separation – 4 models.

  • Conserve, Recycle Your Concrete or Slurry Waste Water
  • Instantly Discharging Crystal Clear Water for Reuse or Sent to Drain…
  • Maybe used as a HD Wet Extraction Vacuum to Clean Slurry from Holding Tanks

Small, Compact, Portable, Powerful . . .

One Step Operation ~ Operates Itself . . .

Instead of scheduling a maintenance day or weekend to have your slurry tanks drained and cleaned . . .
Consider using a Mudhen on-site at a construction site . . . or while fabricating or manufacturing — Without interrupting operations. Actually, you’ll:

  • Improve the finished product – the recycled water will be significant cleaner for your processing (if not crystal clear).
    With cleaner and filtered (and recycled) water to use, everything benefits: Finished product and your processing machines.
  • Reduce man hours and manufacturing and overhead costs – once the tank(s) is cleaned you can leave a Mudhen operate continuously (and self-sufficiently) for continued purification and performance results.

Typical Purification Set-Up – To clean out individual “slurry tanks” (at a construction site, granite or manufacturing plant, etc.):

  • Position the Mudhen in front of the holding tank
  • Used like a heavy-duty wet vacuum cleaner, its intake hose extracts the slurry water and solids
  • The material is pushed through the Mudhen’s filter plates
  • The solids fill within the filter plates, the power pneumatic pump continues to extract slurry and compress the solids within the plates to solid cakes
  • On the discharge side, the dirty, gray water uses the filter media (as well as the compressed solids) to produce clean and filtered water
  • The water may then be discharged to a separate holding tank for reuse or disposal. Or, it can be directed back into the existing tank and used in a continuous loop operation until the “solids” within that tank are completely removed
  • Once the tanks are cleaned, the Mudhen may be positioned and left to operate continuously or intermittently in the “solids” (or the 1st) tank; thereby improving water clarity while improving (reducing) plant maintenance.

Fast, Easy, Portable – Mudhen Slurry Press Machines – Air Operated.

“A Portable Water Treatment Plants on Wheels”

Never has “vacuuming” any type of contaminated slurry waste been faster, easier or more reliable. Equipped with a 1″ x 10′ HD intake hose with a 1/4″ perforated HD stainless strainer to extract slurry and sludge from any size container. A standard 3/4″ garden hose connection on the output size sends crystal clear water to drain or for reuse. As the filter plates fill with the solids, the discharge of clean water will eventually stop . . .

This is your signal that plates need to be emptied . . . Switch the Mudhen to “Dry Mode” for a few minutes to remove the water that may remain in the pump and discharge lines, release the hydraulic ram, then separate the individual filter plates to drop the compacted solid cakes into a tray or standard size wheel barrel that is position beneath the filter plates.

Handles Any Type of Slurry Waste – Including Grease Pits, Earth’n Stone, Concrete Slurry:

  • The thicker the sludge, the cleaner the discharged liquid
  • Thinner slurry provides faster the processing times
  • With thick slurry or heavy sludge, because the solid content is higher you simply have to empty the filter plates more frequently.

Complete Made and Built Here in the USA, including the Hydraulic Pump that will extract the heaviest of slurry from any size pool or vessel.

Whatever your needs – wheel it into an elevator, through a doorway – to your work area. These machines are used just to extract and clean a dumpster, pit, water tank, etc. And enable you to re-circulate the extracted / filtered liquid until the container is clean.

Processes Any Type of Solid/Liquid Mixture . . . including Heavy Sludge

Bobcat grinding concrete with 3 grinding heads.
Creating slurry with 3 grinding heads on a Bobcat.
Clear water discharge from the Clean Water Discharge Hose.
Clear water being discharged from the Clean Water Discharge Outlet.
Heavy slurry sledge . . . easily sucked-in and processed by the H20 Slurry Press machines.
Heavy slurry sludge . . . is easily sucked and processed by the H20 Slurry Press.
Crystal clear water being discharged from the Clean Water Discharge Outlet.
Crystal clear water being discharged from the Clean Water Discharge Outlet.
Volumes of slurry produced by the Bob Cat with 3 grinding heads - Slurry Hydro Press 240 maintains processing times.
Volumes of slurry . . .
The Mudhen Model 1.0 easily kept up to the slurry produced from the BobCat with 3 grinding heads.

Control Panel Information & Operational Pictures

Mudhen 1.0 on the job . . . Extracting slurry from a 20 yard dumpster.

Removing a trays of caked solids.

Adjusting the PSI from the air compressor.

Recycling Concrete Slurry has Never Been Easier…

  • Water Shortages, Environmental Concerns, the Rising Cost of Maintaining Waterways & Water Treatment Plants
  • Local, State & Federal Agencies are Actively Involved & Aggressively Enforcing the Discharge of Runoff Waters
  • Traditional Methods of Dumping Slurry in the Ground are Not Acceptable & Dumping into Storm Drains is Illegal
  • Customer Expectations have Risen As Well . . . As We All Have Become More Aware of the Need to Care for Our Planet.

More Economical or with More Ecological Benefits . . .

Transporting, Handling & Storing Drums of Raw Slurry is Costly & Space Consuming . . . Including its Labor Intensity:

  • Waiting for the Raw Slurry to Settle & Separate in the Drums
  • Once Separated:
    • The Semi-Clean Water has to be Removed, Handled & Transported to New Containers . . .
      Or Ph Adjusted before Disposal . . .
    • While the Dry Sludge has to be Shoveled, Handled & Properly Disposed for Recycling . . .

With a Mudhen, the traditional, high maintenance and expensive means of handling slurry waste is eliminated. Mudhens provide a:

Cheaper Means of Hauling the Separated, Clean and Recycled Water . . .

  • Significantly Less Labor is Used . . .
  • The Slurry Solids are Immediately Compressed into Solid Caked Plates for Easy Handling & Disposal . . .
  • Crystal Clear Water is Generated . . . Available Immediately for Re-Use
  • Your Reputation & Environmental Stewardship is Recognized & Enhanced.

Faster or More Reliable…

  • Easily Process 55 Gallons of Concrete Slurry within 15 Minutes
  • Powerful Double Wall Diaphragm Pump Extracts the Thickest of Slurry from Any Size Container or Holding Pond
  • Compresses Suspended & Solid Debris in the Slurry to Solid Caked Plates – Conveniently Dispensed into Handy, Removal Trays or a Wheelbarrow . . ..
  • Designed for the Demanding World of Concrete . . . A+ for Earth’n Stone and Grease Pit Waste Applications . . .
  • Mobile, Portable, Compact – Whatever your needs . . . A Mudhen is Specifically Designed to be Portability, Fast Operational, and To Be Used Without a Full Time Operator.
Control and valve side.
Control & Valve Side

Ram in position and hydralic jack set for receiving slurry.

Cylinder tilted back, compression plate released for removing individual cake plates.

Cake plates accumulating in the 3 removal trays.

Easy to Use . . . Durable . . . Versatile . . .

  • Simple Mechanical Controls, Heavy-Duty Construction – Air Powered which Helps at Eliminating Employee Error, Problems, Maintenance . . .
  • Simple Operation: A full time operator is typically not required
    • After set-up the machines are designed to run unattended
    • When the filter plates are full, the water discharge of clear water will stop and the “oversize” diaphragm pump will begin to “gulp” for slurry . . .
  • Attach an Industrial grade 5 HP compressor (8 SCFM) is recommended)
  • Connection of the 3 hose lines: Slurry Input, Clear Water Discharge, and Air Compressor Quick Disconnect
  • 15 Ton Hydraulic Ram is Set at 5000 PSI

Reliable, Built to Last – Made In The USA.

  • Made in the USABuilt in the USA from Standard, Easy to Find & Replace Parts
  • Completely Interchangeable Components . . . No Waiting for Service or Parts that Originate from Overseas . . .
  • Complete Unit is Made from Carefully Selected HD Components & Parts . . . To Minimize any Downtime

You Need a Mudhen When . . .

  • When you are making slurry on a regular basis
  • You are spending at least $300 per month in consumable products in your efforts to deal with slurry:
  • Consumables include:
    • Solidification products such as polymers, chemicals or clay type products
    • Slurry handling and disposal costs
    • Pump truck fees
    • Gas and labor of driving drums of slurry around town, etc.
    • Valve for insurance costs, being green, good will:

Insurance Costs. Is defined as part of the cost in investing in equipment that limits your long term liability as a business owner and shields you and your firm from fines, penalties and work stop order.
Being Green. Includes the extra business from those customers who appreciate hiring a firm that invests green technology.
Good Will. Most business owners place some valve in their efforts to help their fellow man and the environment.

  • In most cases, a businesses wants a payback on equipment investment within 36 months
    If a Mudhen 1.0 is $17,500 with shipping, that’s about $500 per month that needs to be justified ~ See Fun Story…

Fun Story at the World of Concrete Show, 2014:

  • An employee for a concrete company stops by our booth at the show
  • His boss is complaining about spending $300 per day per crew per job site on slurry removal cost
  • When he hears the monthly costs to own is under $500 he instantly calls his boss . . .
  • They figured:”We work 5 days a week and average $300 per day per crew in slurry costs”.
    “At 20 working days per month @ $300 per day, that’s $6,000 per month in slurry cost.””The machine is $17,500.00 (including shipping), divided by $6,000.00 ~ means we’ll pay for one machine in 3 months.”
    “I’ll take one now and if it all works out I’ll order one for each crew next month (they have 6 crews) and one for a spare for the unexpected . . .”

Which Model is Right for You? How Many Gallons of Slurry do you want to process per hour?

  • Let’s use a 55 gallon drum of slurry as our example – 1/2 full of solids
  • The Mudhen “Mini” has 3 filter plates
  • With 3 filter plates and because of the high solid content in the drum of slurry, you’ll have to empty the plates (release the cakes) 6 times
  • If that same 55 gallon drum is only a quarter full of solids, slurry processing time increases by 50% ~ 3 releases
  • Summary: The more filter plates you have in a Mudhen (or the less solids in the slurry), the longer your slurry processing times will be before you have to stop processing to empty, release and clean the filter plates (which takes less than 10 minutes).
  • Basic Rule: If you are accumulating < 200 Gallons of Slurry a Day, the Mini Mudhen is right for you.