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10″ X Series Dustless Joint Saw



The X-series Joint Saws.

  • Excellent dust control
  • Front and rear blade pointers
  • Cable depth adjustment
  • Integrated wrench holders
  • 1/4″ steel frame
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Dual drive belts
  • 2-3″ dust port

Product Details

The X-series saws are the most powerful saws in our lineup, with electric or gasoline models available.

  • Excellent dust control

  • Front and rear blade pointers

  • Cable Depth Adjustment

  • Integrated wrench holders

  • 1/4″ Steel frame

  • Heavy Duty Bearings

  • Dual drive belts

  • 2″- 3″ Dust port


Power Head:                 Honda GX-390

                                        11.7 HP

                                        19.5 lb-ft (Peak torque)

                                       Baldor 240 Volt

                                         5.5 HP

                                         26 lb-ft (Peak torque)

 Weight:                         150 lbs

Blade Size:                    8″or 10″

Arbor size:                     7/8″

Cutting Depth:              up to 3″

Vacuum Requirement:  250 cfm (8″), 250 cfm (10″)

Options available:

X: 10″ Combustion Joint Saw
XEE: 10″ Early Entry
XE: 10″ Electric Joint Saw

X-series saws use two heavy duty cogged belts to transfer more power from the powerplant to the blade shaft which ensures reliability. To guarantee consistent cutting depth, X-series saws feature a heavy-duty chain hard stop located to the right of the handle for easy and fast adjustment. For added versatility, this unit is also available with a propane option. The 7/8” blade shaft arbor allows you to use the same blades as our smaller saws for convenience. All of these features are complemented by our powder-coated 1⁄4” steel frame to provide durability, longevity, and reduce harsh vibrations. Proudly made in the USA.

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