16 in. 42 cc Chain Saw

Product No. / SKU: EA4300FRDB


16 in. 42 cc Chain Saw.

Easy start, spring assisted starter with optimized engine management reduces force required for starting.

?Tool-less? filter access for convenient maintenance.

Compact design with less weight (only 10.8 lbs.).

Large metal spike bar for increased productivity.

Product Details

The EA4300FRDB is a best-in-class mid-sized chain saw engineered with professional features. A key point of difference is the industrial 2-sided magnesium (not aluminum) crank case for less weight and added durability. For faster and easier starts, the spring-assisted starter with optimized engine management reduces force required for starting. The result is a versatile and durable chain saw with a superior power-to-weight ratio that delivers consistent performance, job after job. Unlike common spring-aided starters that make slight improvements in pull-force, Makita’s easy-start feature combines spring-aided engineering with a new low spark ignition coil that includes memory-power-ignition (IPM) technology. With IPM, the ignition coil requires much lower revolutions of the flywheel to fire and is engineered to make the saw start faster and easier. In addition, IPM stores energy from pulling the rope and running the saw which creates a stronger spark when pulling the rope to start the engine. Additional features include a fleece air filter with a two-piece cover that opens simply by turning a knob for true tool-less access, as well as a single choke/run/touch stop switch engineered for added convenience over common two-switch designs. Consistent with all Makita chain saws, the EA4300F40B comes with a two-point inertia/mechanical chain brake, and metal (not plastic) spike bars for added durability.

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