Economical Smooth Bore HD Poly Tubing for 16" and 24" Power Blowers.

16″ Power Blower Kits 6 piece

Product No. / SKU: EBS16K


Product Details

Ventilation / Containment Kits

16″ Variable Speed Blowers with 15′ Filter Containment Bags

Every job is unique as will be the dust control conditions of the facility . . . Jack Hammering, Spall Repair, Mortar Mixing, Concrete & Masonry Sawing, Grinding, Landscapers, Concrete Gunite Spraying, Soda Blasting, Powder Coating, Etc.

Besides the cost savings of purchasing a Power Blower Kit, the individual components in each kit will help you in adjusting to each job’s unique circumstance or obstacles.

Adjustable, Durable, Flexible, Versatile, Powerful – High Efficiency

Containment & Ventilation of Powder Dust from a Typical 15′ x 15′ x 10′ Work Area