Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate.
DiamaPad_001_W300 Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate. GP

18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

Product No. / SKU: FP-18


18″ Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate – Performs HD Concrete Grinding, Light Sanding, Surface Prep, Scarifying, and HD Coating and Rubber Removal.

Plate equipped as follows:

  • Universal 3-Tab Clutch Plate
  • Extra Wider Riser for Plate Stability
  • Threaded 5/8-11 Studs (6) for using standard diamond cup wheels and knotted wire brushes
  • Insert Sleeves (12) for using the Carbide Scarifying Cutters to quickly cut through thick coatings, rubber and Ice or to scarify a floor for re-coating.

For use on Concrete, Wood, Steel, Vinyl, Stone.

Product Details

Grind, Scarify, Clean, Sand, Polish

Remove Hard Acrylic Sealers, Thick Tar, Paint, Rubber, Old Coatings, Sealers, Ice, Oil Stained Wood Floors, etc.

Multi-Use 18″ Plate Handles it All!

Plate accepts 3 to 6 Individual Cup Wheels

A wide selections of diamond cup wheels are available to handle any type of Re-Surfacing or Cleaning Project:

Aggressive Grinding using 16 – 30 grit cup wheels

Light Sanding (120 grit)

Coating Removal

Coarse Grit Wheels for Bonding of Coatings and Sealers

Simple System. Incredible Productivity.

  • Cup Wheels
  • ICS Cup Wheels

    Assorted styles and types are available. Each wheel threads onto the plate’s six (6) 5/8-11 Threaded Studs or wheels without the threaded hub can be used.

    Select from an assortment of wheels . . . ranging from grinding to specialty wheels for removing coatings. The above “red segment” wheel is offered in various grit sizes, from a fine 120 grit to a 20 coarse grit. The 20 grit wheel is highly effective to prepare the concrete for bonding of a sealer or a protective coating.

    NOTE: For removing coatings and sealers, the “PCD” Wheel literally chips the material off ~ “No melting, removal rate is incredible.”

    To receive the $200.00 Discount on the Plate, select the floor plate at the $740.00 price then click on any of the above cup wheels for detailed information, pricing and ordering.

  • Functionality
  • Versatility / Multi-Function

    The 18″ Plate can be used on any standard floor machine with its universal 3-tab clutch plate.

    With six (6) 5/8-11 Threaded Studs, any type of standard diamond cup wheels, PCD coatings removal wheel, or knotted wire cup brush can be used.

    Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud includes a Locking Pin & Spring. The importance of the spring provides constant downward pressure on the floor to help compensate for irregular floor (pad) heights and imperfections in the floor.

    When needing to remove thicker coatings or to scarify the floor, the carbide cutters install into the Insert Sleeves (12).

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials

    What the contractors are saying about the Dust Director 18″ Cup Wheel Floor Grinding Plate

    Carpet Glue Removal
    Carbide Grinding Chips

    After 25 years in the floor covering business, it is a pleasure not to have to get down on all fours with a razor blade scraper.
    On the average, the chips will remove 800 square feet of adhesive from a reasonable smooth floor in one hour.
    The saving in labor and wear and tear on the human body is incalculable.

    Owner, Flooring Contractor, PA

    Tough Paint Removal

    We removed some extremely tough paint from a concrete floor. Using the Severe-Duty Floor Machine and the Grinder Plate with the 12 Carbide Cutters, we completed 720 square feet in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Removing thinset from a concrete floor to lay ceramic tile

    By hand, a 300 square foot section took 3 men one entire day to remove the thinset. With the Severe-Duty Floor Machine and Carbide Cutters, it took one man 30 minutes to remove the thinset from another 300 square feet.

    Owner, Floor Covering Contractor, Houston, TX

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