GV2000, 2-Motor, 19 Gallon Gutter Vacuum

Dust Director 19 Gallon 2 or 3 Motor Gutter Vacuum



Gutter Vacuum. Identical motor head as the SV-2000. Safely clean rain gutters from the ground.


  • Vacuum piles of wet leaves without clogging.
  • Available in 2- or 3-motor varieties.

Product Details

Industrial 2-Motor 2000 Watt Gutter Vacuum – Powerful, Versatile, Easy to Use.

Typical Gutter Cleaning on a 2-story home.126″ of water lift provides the power you need to extract wet, soaking leaves – without clogging at the pole inlet, in the hose or at the inlet going into the vacuum ~

All at the safety from cleaning the gutter from on the ground.

Specifications / Equipped as follows:

Typical gutter filled with leaves, asphalt shingle debris and rain water.

  • 19 Gallon Polyethylene Collection Tank
  • 110 Volt 2-Stage 1000 Watt 8.5 Amp Motors x 2 – both motors have their own on/off switch
  • 126″ Water Lift, 195 CFM
  • 2″ Side Tangential Inlet Port – prevents clogging from large debris
  • Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter – protects the motors
  • 2″ x 25′ Lightweight / Flexible Crushproof Hose with Hose Cuffs
  • Safety cart with 8″ Rubber Wheels and side rails for tank protection – Compact, sturdy design makes emptying the tank easy
  • Cyclone Shield – for use when vacuuming general debris such as dust, dirt, nails, mastics, paper, metal, etc.
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

A clean, dry gutter...Clogged and dirty gutters are more than just a pain. They can cause serious problems to your home that can be costly and time consuming to repair. The list of problems may range from collapsed gutters and clogged downspouts to severe water damage around your foundation.

Who wants to replace their gutters prematurely or deal with mold and water problems? It is recommended that gutters be cleaned at least once a year, generally during late fall or once the majority of leaves have fallen.

Dent, Impact and Corrosion Resistant — The Dust Director GV2000 Wet Extraction Gutter Vacuum, with its industrial motors, is specifically designed to quickly and impressively vacuum wet debris, liquids, slurry and even heavy sludge ~ gutter and floors are left clean and dry.

With its impressive 2-motor suction power, you’ll wonder why you only used a 1-motor vacuum in the past!

  • Features
  • Individual Features

    Dust Director

    Cyclone Shield – Included with the GV2000 Gutter Vacuum.

    Cyclone Shield - Prevent incoming debris from directing blinding and damaging the cartridge filter.Dry dust particles are very abrasive and by their very nature the harden granules are damaging to the delicate fibers of any filter. Additionally, the abusive condition inside a vacuum’s tank will naturally shorten a filter’s life. During dry extraction applications, to help prolong the filter’s life, the included Cyclone Shield is used to protect the HEPA Cartridge Filter from the damage of the incoming abrasive debris.

    For gutter cleaning, the Cyclone Shield is not recommended to be used for when extracting large volumes of wet leaves (they may clog at the tank’s inlet port). But the Shield is recommended to be used when the vacuum it being used in the traditional sense as a standard wet/dry vacuum, and especially when vacuuming dry debris.

    To use or to install the Shield, simply remove the motor head and insert into the tank.

    Optional: Gutter Telescoping Pole System.

    35' of Telesoping Extension Poles with Head.There is no better way to safely and productively clean gutters than with our high reach pole cleaning system. One operator, standing safely on the ground can clean gutters up to 35 feet high, quickly and easily.

    Constructed of 3 telescoping extension sections for easy transport, made of gold anodized aluminum tubing. While not the lightweight of carbon filter poles (and 1/4 the expense), you’ll find their durability, ruggedness and smooth metal interior are just what is needed for the gutter cleaning.

    The 2″ ID tubes plus the smooth aluminum walls are exactly what is required to keep gutter debris from clogging inside the poles. NOTE: We did experiment with the carbon fiber poles, but because of their fiber composition, we experienced considerable clogging inside the poles when large volume of leaves, mud and weeds were being vacuumed; and this type of debris is typically found in unclean gutters. Whereas with the aluminum poles, we never had a clog, regardless of the volume or whatever type of debris was in the gutter – even oak leaves that were the size of footballs.

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