19″ Velcro Pad Driver

Product No. / SKU: MV119


For use with Velcro Diamond Pads (3mm thickness – left picture).

The entire bottom of the driver is covered with a velcro like material called “Applix”.

The diamond pads stick to the driver via the Applix / Velcro style hook and loop material. A rubber cushion is also installed within the driver to reduce tearing should uneven floors be encountered (often called, lippage).

Velcro Pad Driver – For use with velcro diamond resin and semi-metal pads. Used to polish, restore and renew concrete and stone floors.

Product Details

To order & select the various types, sizes and grits of Resin, Semi-Metal and Metal “velcro backed” pads, Click Here.

Diamond Pads are used to grind or to lightly sand dull concrete and stone floors into polished surfaces. Pads are available is a wide assortment of grits (30 – 3000) and diameters (3″ – 7″).

Resin & Semi-Metal Polishing Pads, 3mm - 3", 4", 5", 7" Diameters.

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