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19″ Velcro Pad Driver

Product No. / SKU: MV119



Pad Driver with NP9200 Clutch Plate

For use with Velcro Diamond Pads (3mm thickness – left picture).

The entire bottom of the driver is covered with a velcro like material called “Applix”.

The diamond pads stick to the driver via the Applix / Velcro style hook and loop material. A rubber cushion is also installed within the driver to reduce tearing should uneven floors be encountered (often called, lippage).

Velcro Pad Driver – For use with velcro diamond resin and semi-metal pads. Used to polish, restore and renew concrete and stone floors.

Product Details

Perfect for natural stone care and maintenance of marble floor surfaces. The Diamond Pad Driver with Velcro Face is designed to accommodate multiple floor applications ranging from diamond discs to pads, bonnets & abrasive pucks and it is perfect for natural stone care projects and maintenance of marble floor surfaces. Ideal for marble and natural stone surfaces.

To order & select the various types, sizes and grits of Resin, Semi-Metal and Metal “velcro backed” pads, Click Here.

Diamond Pads are used to grind or to lightly sand dull concrete and stone floors into polished surfaces. Pads are available is a wide assortment of grits (30 – 3000) and diameters (3″ – 7″).

Resin & Semi-Metal Polishing Pads, 3mm - 3", 4", 5", 7" Diameters.

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