Flex Plus Crush Proof / Heat Resistant Hose.

2″ HD Flex Plus Hose

Product No. / SKU: 25C-HOSE

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Crush Proof, High Heat Resistant, Flexible w/ Smooth Bore Interior.

Flexible, Lightweight, Heat Resistant Hose. Recommended when using industrial vacuum cleaners when the hose inlet on the vacuum tank is 24″ or higher from the floor (i.e. on taller vacuum cleaners such as a barrel vacuum, the above lightweight / flexible hose will collapse (buckle or crimp)).

The HD polyethylene copolymer hose with the integral helix withstands higher temperatures (i.e. crushproof yet flexible). 2″ ID diameter plus smooth bore interior provides exceptional airflow. The 2″ HD Flex Plus Hose is 50% less flexible than the above ULT Hose, but still very flexible and lightweight.


  • Light weight & flexible even at low temperatures
  • Tight bending characteristics
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Wet or dry vacuum in car wash, commercial & industrial applications
  • Crush resistant even at higher temperatures – Highly recommended for floor grinding machines and vacuums.
  • Smooth interior assures efficient air flow
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Favorite hose for concrete and wood flooring professionals

Complete with 2″ Inlet Hose Cuff for connecting to the Dust Director Vacuum or Cyclone and the following two soft vinyl hose cuffs: 1-1/2″ threaded x 1-1/2″ ID Smooth, 1-1/2″ threaded x 2″ ID Smooth.

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