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Buy 20 Diamond Blades or Cup Wheels, Get a FREE Tool


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Makita 4-1/2", 13 Amp Angle Grinder.Free Makita #9564CV Angle Grinder. $159.00 Reg. Price. 13.0 Amp Variable Speed, 4-1/2″, 5″ or 6″. Free with purchase of any (20) diamond blades. Why this grinder? The 9564CV has been proven by contractors like yourself to be the most productive and longest lasting angle grinder for tuck pointing and concrete grinding. Click on the following link for a contractor’s test between 11 angle grinders: Grinder Test Results.

Cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner ~ Further enhancing productivity "on the wall".Free Dust Director. $195.00 Reg. Price ~ Free with purchase of any (20) diamond blades. Made in the USA of aircraft aluminum for durability and lightweight. Install onto your angle grinder. Contains over 96% of the dust while providing the following high productivity features: 6″ blade capacity for a 1-5/8″ depth-of-cut, complete visibility of the blade & work area, unsnap the extension cover to cut in tight areas and inside wall corners without loss of dust control. On recessed mortar joints (i.e. protruding stone walls), 6″ blades provides much better dust control plus productivity increases tremendously versus using a smaller diameter 4-1/2″ or 5″ blades.

7" Dust Director - Mini Dustless Cut-Off Saw, providing a 2-1/8" depth-of-cut. Free 7″ Dust Director. $360.00 Reg. Price.
2-1/8″ depth-of-cut, complete with 13 Amp Variable Speed Grinder.
Free with selection of any (20) diamond blades with at least (10) 7″ blades.


7" Deluxe Surface Dust GuardFree 5″ & 7″ Deluxe Surface Dust Guards. $189.00 Reg. Price
(either size). Superior dust control and handling with termoplastic Delrin sliding strips.
Adjustable built-in air vent for suction control and flexible rubber diaphragm for self-leveling.
Free with purchase of any (20) diamonds, Cup wheels and/or Diamond Blades.

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