20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".

20″ High Torque Low RPM 120 volt Floor Grinder

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Made in the USABuilt Tough. While specifically designed for HD Grinding and Coatings Removal, you’ll also Scrub, Clean, Polish, and Sand with the Same Machine.

100% Made in the USA with Parts & Service that are Readily Available.
Consider that vs. any imported machine…


Specifically Designed & Heavy-Duty Equipped

Ready to roll right out of the box . . . each grinder is individually tested & prepared before it leaves our store.

Product Details

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate - uses 4.5" to 7" cup wheels.20″ Heavy-Weight Multi-Use Floor Grinder

18″ Cup Wheel Floor Plate

Multi-Function / Heavy-Duty Use

For All Surfaces: Concrete, Marble, Vinyl, Steel

Grind, Sand, Polish, Scarify, Maintain, Clean, Scrub
— Incredible @ Coatings Removal, Scarifying —

Increase Production!

2-Component Combination — Simple, Economical, Incredible Productivity.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing & Maintenance System. Whether your business is resurfacing, facility maintenance or DIY, the 110 Volt High Torque Grinder & Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate will not only transform the floor but you’ll use the same equipment to maintain it.

20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".
20″ High Torque Low RPM
110 Volt Grinder
18" HD Alumimum Floor Plate - Accepts a wide variety of attachments including carbide scraping chips.
18″ Multi-Attachment
Cup Wheel Plate


Learn more about the ICS 20″ Indestructible & High Productivity Surface Prep / Maintenance System

The strongest 120 Volt Floor Machine on the Market – Period.

Whatever the job – whenever you need a tool to handle the toughest of jobs – the ICS 20″ Floor Grinder is the best.

Grind, Sand, Scrub, Maintain, Clean, Polish — Transform, Restore, Prepare —

Remove Thick Tar, 2-part Epoxies, Hard Acrylic Sealers —

For use on All Types of Hard Floor Surfaces including Vinyl, Wood, Plastic, Concrete, Stone, Steel.

Handles any Extreme Situation ~ Guaranteed.

With HD Performance and Smooth Operation that is Truly Unbeatable – the #CFG-20 is especially suited for Marble, Concrete, Floor Scraping, Sanding, Coatings Removing, HD Grinding –

Multi-Surface, Multi-Use, 100% Made in the USA. For use on Concrete, Stone, Steel and Wood Surfaces.

“Delivers on Every Job You’ll Tackle.” You’ll Quickly Realize the Strength & Rugged Reliability of this Solid Built Machine:

Unbreakable Drive Shaft
Triple-Gear Reduction Motor
A Virtually Indestructible All-Steel Gearbox
Twin AC Capacitor 1.5 HP Motor — Provides an Incredible Smooth and Easy Machine to Operate
Equipped with the Universal 3-Tab Driver for using standard scrub brushes and pads to further enhance the machine’s versatility.

Additional Features:

Totally enclosed / dust protected motor handles the harshest of conditions, including dust, moisture and chemicals.

  • Dual steel operating triggers on both sizes of the handle for security, comfort and ease of use
  • Comfortable grip vinyl handle grips
  • Extra HD spring steel cord with strain relief
  • One-piece chrome, HD steel handle w/ adjustable positioning
  • Non-marking 5″ rubber wheels & welded frame for rugged reliability and performance
  • Extra heavy-duty, strong frame makes this machine perfect for Heavy-Duty Grinding, Sanding, Stone and Concrete Care.

Maximum power is obtained from the twin capacitor AC motor & rugged reliability of this Extremely HD, Dependable machine:

  • Operators appreciate the solid performance of this well-built “grinder” that delivers on every job you tackle
  • Consistently providing unsurpassed performance
  • Quite & Smooth Operating ~ You don’t even know its on . . .
  • Easy to handle and transport – Always the operator’s first choice . . .

SCRUB, CLEAN, STRIP, GRIND, COATINGS REMOVAL — Versatile machine that is a great choice for schools, libraries, office buildings, super markets, hospitals, apartment hallways, restaurants, and the demanding world of concrete restoration.

  • Specifications
  • Specifications


    • 115 Volt, 1.5 HP TEFC AC Dual Capacitor Motor, totally sealed from dust and moisture contamination
    • Low 8.4 Amp Draw, 165 RPM
    • 11:1 Triple Idler Planetary Steel Helical-Cut Gear Drive with Solid Steel Drive Shaft – Virtually an indestructible gear box for superior strength and longevity ~ An especially important feature for high torque grinding and coatings removal projects.
    • Additionally the all steel construction gear box provides superior strength
    • 12/3 x 50′ HD Electrical Cord
    • Weight: 125 lbs. (without weight plates)
    • With horseshoe weight studs (2) to accept the 25 lb. horseshoe weight plates (3)
    • 4 gallon solution tank, combination dust control / splash guard with 2″ vacuum hose port.
    • Complete with universal 3-Tab Driver for using standard 18″ brushes and 19″ pad drivers.
    • UL & CUL Approved.

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