Diamond DOT Rubber Pads.

21″ Rubber Mat Diamond Dots



Light Sanding, Coatings Removal, Polishing

DOT Rubber Mats provide the Deepest and Longest Lasting Polish – Longest lasting diamond, lowest cost per square foot (10,000 – 65,000 ft).

Maybe used instead of the above Metal 3″ Diamond Discs if the floor is not damaged or heavy grinding is not required. The following Semi-Metal Diamonds are used after the Metal 3″ Diamond Discs are used, followed by the Resin Bonded Diamonds.

Vacuum Brazed, Semi-Metal & Resin Bonded Diamonds – grit sizes: 30 – 3000

  • For use on Concrete, Terrazzo & Marble Floors. Semi-Metal & Resin Bonded Diamonds are
  • Simple Installation: Installs onto the 21″ Spike Pad Driver (molded pad w/ hundreds or individual hooks or spikes (included with the PE420GPHD).
  • Prior to installing, the High Density Backing Pad (white pad, below) is place onto the Spike Pad Driver, then the Rubber Mat.
  • Grit Descriptions
  • Grit Descriptions

    Vacuum Brazed DOT – Very Aggressive. For Coatings Removal, to level broom finishes, or to grind damaged (pitted floors). Prepares the surface for floor coatings by etching the surface. Least aggressive than metal diamond discs.

    Semi-Metal DOT – Medium Aggressive. For the initial to Secondary Grinding of new or previously unfinished floors – no broom or pitted surfaces.

    Depending on the initial condition of the floor, the following Semi-Metal Diamonds are used. Semi-Metal Diamond Pads actually start the polishing process as they begin to close the pores of the floor. These Semi-Metal Diamonds are generally used before Resin Pads or after rough grinding with Metal Bond Diamond Discs. Semi-Metal Diamonds, with their various grit sizes, offer all the benefits of a Smooth Resin Diamond Pads but the advantages of longer life and the aggressiveness associated with Metal Bond Diamonds. After rough grinding with Metal Diamonds the scratch pattern cannot be removed by a Resin pad, Semi-Metal Diamonds provide the transition to Resin Diamonds.

    Resin DOT – Least Aggressive. For the initial to Final Polishing of smooth floors.

    Diamond Polishing is the term used when Resin Bond Diamond Pads are used. After the surface has been totally cleaned and smooth Resin Diamonds are used. While Resin Diamonds are designed to abrade the scratches left behind from Semi-Metal or Transitional Diamond Pads, if the floor is clean and smooth they may be used to start your polishing project.

    With the diamonds exposed on the surface of a Resin Bond Diamond, deep scratches are quickly sanded away by the diamonds that are suspended within the plastic matrix. The plastic matrix is what gives the resin pads their less aggressive nature or polishing capability. While it is true you can hone with a coarse resin pad, they are not really designed for this task as they will quickly wear under this circumstance.

    As you progress through the series of Resin Diamond Pads, increasing to the finer grits, the pores of the concrete are progressively closed to ultimately result in a mirror-like finish. The multi-step process provides you with the flexibility to choose how many steps you want to achieve the desired finish.

    Typically, you start with a 50 coarse grit (Semi-Metal) and proceed as you would with your regular floor cleaning routine. After a few passes, you progress to the next grit. By the time you reach the end of the process, the floor will transform into a beautiful, smooth and polished surface. The multi-step process provides the flexibility for you to decide how many steps you want. Depending on the type of floor and its initial condition, as well as the machine’s down pressure and speed, the progression to finer grits, and the number of passes you make with each grit depends on the level of gloss you wish to obtain.

    Each Diamond Grit has it purpose. There are three basic finishes for polished concrete surfaces:

    Low-Stain Finish (400 – 600 grit) * Medium-Gloss (800 grit) * High-Gloss (1500 -3000 grit).

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