Ceramic Transitional Pads.

3″ Ceramic Transitional Pad



Professional Grade, Velcro Backing

3″ x 6mm Pad Height

Wet or Dry Use

  • Flexible Polishing Pad for XL Life (8,000 – 10,000 sq. ft) while providing a Very Smooth Finish
  • Ceramic Based Pads quickly removes the scratch patterns left behind by metal diamond tooling
  • When concrete floor polishing, ceramic transitional pads are highly recommended after using a metal diamond tool
  • Ceramic Transitional Pads will reduce labor costs and speed productivity by eliminating steps in the polishing process. Extra long life especially on harder concrete.
  • Ceramic Pads (like car brake pads) are your best performing, longest lasting pads – They will not build heat during use which ultimately increases pad life
  • Faster removal of scratch patterns left behind from using metal diamond tooling – Significantly faster than traditional hybrid or semi-metal pads plus much longer pad life
  • Provides the purest blend of diamonds possible without the worry of larger straggler diamonds – Ultimately provides a smoother, more consistent scratch pattern
  • A+ for blending edges with the rest of the floor.

Product Details

These pad are significantly more aggressive & provide longer life than the Resin pads. Depending on the initial condition of the floor, Hybrid Pads are generally used before Resin pads or after rough grinding with Metal Pads or Diamond Cup Wheels. The Hybrid pads actually start the polishing process as they begin to close the pores of the floor.

Hybrid Pads offer all the benefits of a smooth Resin pads but the advantages of longer life and the aggressiveness associated with Metal pads. After rough grinding with a Metal pad the scratch pattern typically cannot be removed by a Resin pad, Hybrid pads solve the problem. Additionally, their life is much longer than resin pads (50,000 to 65,000 sq. ft). These thicker pads (6mm – 9mm) are used on heavy weight machines such as our 21″ Propane Machine. They are not used on lightweight machines such as our 20″ Electric Floor Grinder or auto scrubbers. On these machines, use the same type of “resin” pad but 3mm in height.

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