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3″ Segmented Grinding Disc, Medium Bond



Professional Grade, Velcro Backing + Bolt-On Fastening.

  • Long Life, Aggressive Grinding
  • For use on hard trowel surfaces, broom finishes, epoxy or mastic cover floors
  • Medium bond, XL Life (30,000 – 50,000 sq. ft)
  • Specifically designed for use with the PE420GPHD
  • Six (6) PCD Pucks per GPX Driver (the GPX Driver is included with the PE420GPHD)

Product Details

Before you Polish you may have to Grind, and before you Grind you may have to Prep the Floor which includes removing Old Floor Coverings, Underlayment, Thinset, Glue, Paint, Adhesives or Epoxy Coatings.

After the floor has been prepared (coatings or sealers have been removed), you’ll proceed Transform the Floor by Diamond Grinding. Diamond Grinding is the most aggressive stage of preparing concrete for polishing or applying epoxy coatings, stains or dyes. Metal Bond Diamond Discs are used to cut or grind the concrete down. NOTE: You only want to grind enough concrete to be just beneath the damage that is on the floor. Grinding too much concrete is unnecessary and costly for both material and labor.

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