512 Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper

Product No. / SKU: 512ET145



Product Details

The 512 Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper is one of the top machines on the market due to its robust design and speed.

Some Key Features of the 512 Vacuum Sweeper Include:

  • Up to 4 hours of run time with an AGM battery
  • Cleaning rate of up to 27,000 square feet an hour
  • Exceptional dry soil removal
  • Built-in battery charger so that you can always have a charged battery
  • Easy to maneuver while operating
  • High-efficiency filtration available

Key features

  • 13 gallon capacity
  • Cleans up to 27,000 square feet/ hour
  • 28″ cleaning width
  • 2.8 hours run time
  • Built-in battery charger – the “Smarter Charger”
  • 5 micron dust control
  • Cleaning width of 28 inches
  • Main cylindrical brush can pick up large debris
  • Maintenance free battery

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