7" Dust Director

7″ Dust Director

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Complete Blade Visibility, Over 96% Dust Containment Efficiency, Aluminum Guard for Lightweight & Durability ~

  • 7″ Blade Capacity for 2-1/8″ Depth-of-Cut
  • Versatile – Designed for Grinding Brick Mortar Joints, Now Used in All Industries: Stone & Tile, Crack Chasing, Concrete, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry ~ Whenever you need complete dust containment.

Product Details

7″ Dust Director installs or positions itself 360 on the angle grinder. With complete operator adjustment flexibility, you’re able to cut or position the Dust Director to your particular application.

A 7″ blade provides a 2-1/8″ Depth-of-Cut. You can also use smaller diameter 4-1/2″, 5″ and 6″ blades.

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Pricing, Ordering:

Features, Specifications.Why use a 7″ Blade? ~ Advantages.

Pricing, Ordering.
Purchase just the guard to use on your angle grinders.
Combo Kit – 7″ Dust Director with discounted Angle Grinder.
Free Combo – With purchase of (20) assorted diamond blades.

OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law. Dust Extractor information & requirements. OSHA’s Final Rule Is NOW the Law. Are you in compliance?

Comparison. Are you using a common wet/dry shop vac for dust control?

  • Compliance
  • OSHA's Silica Dust Exposure Law

    Effective Date: 23 June 2016, Compliance Date:? 23 June 2017.

    Are You In Compliance?

    The Dust Director? has been used and has figured prominently in just about every silica dust control study since its inception in 2001.

    Bosch grinder grinding brick mortar joints - without using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints without using the Dust Director?.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director?.
    Dust Director, Bosch grinder and a Manometer.
    The Dust Director? attached to a Bosch angle grinder and a manometer to monitor silica dust exposure.

    How about Your Vacuum?

    Does your vacuum have enough CFM to handle your wheel’s diameter?

    OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law – Requires the following CFM Rating: 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter. For example, a 7″ wheel needs 175 CFM (7″ x 25 CFM).

    Final Rule – CFM Requirements

    To comply with OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law, one of your first steps is to select a vacuum or cyclone that has enough CFM to handle the diameter of the grinding or cutting wheel that you will be using. Use the chart and information below to help you select the vacuum that will have enough CFM.

    Wheel Diameter * Required CFM Dust Director? Models – CFM Rating
    ** Vacuum Model – CFM Rating ** Cyclone Model – CFM Rating
    4.5″ 112.5 DD1000 – 130
    DD1200 – 140CP1200 – 160
    DD2000 – 260DD2000S – 260
    DD2400 – 318
    DD3900 – 447
    – 270C2400SD – 315C2400M – 315C2400B – 315
    C3900B – 340
    5″ 125
    6″ 150
    7″ 175
    12″ 300
    14″ 350
    16″ 400
    ?* OSHA’s Required CFM Rating:? 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter.

    Features, Specifications, Why use a 7" Blade?

    Development / Background Documentation — Why use a 7″ Blade?

    Deteriorated Brick Mortar Joints.Deteriorated Brick Mortar Joints.The 7″ Dust Director compliments our original Dust Director Guard that uses 4″ – 6″ blades and provides a 1-5/8″ maximum depth-of-cut.

    Recent architectural and engineering specifications have determined that brick and stone mortar joints have severely deteriorated. On those occasions, while the industry standard for redressing the old mortar is to grind away 1/2″ to 1″ of mortar, larger blades are required when 1-1/2″ to 2″ of deteriorated mortar needs to be removed.

    Additionally, mortar joints are typically recessed from the face of a brick or stone wall. As they deteriorate, 4″ and 5″ blades (that are typically used) cannot grind away or reach enough of the deteriorated mortar.

    Likewise, instead of using larger and heavier grinders, 6″ and 7″ blades can now be used. The 7″ Dust Director?, besides providing a 2-1/8″ cutting depth, the lightweight guard and angle grinder setup provides the operator with a significantly smaller, lighter, and easier to handle saw.

    Operator Productivity —

    The larger the diameter of a diamond blade, the more surface area or inch feet it has. Likewise, the larger the blade’s diameter, the longer life you’ll have. Additionally, cutting speed will be significantly faster with a larger diameter blade. For example: 6″ and 7″ blades far outlast and outperform (cutting speed) a comparable 4″ or 5″ diamond blade — simply because it has more inch feet.

    The problem of using larger blades “on the wall” has always been they needed larger and heavier power tools such as 10-1/4″ Circular Saws and 7″ and 9″ Angle Grinders. With continued used (even after 1 minute) worker fatigued would settled in and productivity suffers.

    Labor Cost.As technology has evolved so too has the power, capability and popularity of using a smaller, lighter and more powerful angle grinder. The one angle grinder that has far outperformed and outlasted all others is the Makita 9564CV or SJS Angle Grinder < Click Here to see Grinder Test Results >

    In our competitive world our only real advantage is knowing the skill level and experience of our team. By providing quality tools, we assure ourselves and our customers of competency and that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

    Features / Specifications – 7″ Dust Director.

    • Extremely faster cutting speeds and blade life using 7″ blades vs. 4″ and 5″ blades.
    • 7″ blade provides a 2-1/8″ depth-of-cut.
    • You can always use 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″ and 6″ blades with the 7″ Dust Director?
    • The 7″ Dust Director? provides Versatility, HD Durability, Comfort (size, weight, handling), Blade Visibility, Safety
    • Dimensions & weight of the complete assembly (7″ Dust Director?, 9564CV grinder, 7″ blade):
      14-1/4″ L x 8-1/4″ W x 5″ H, 6.5 lbs
    • 96+% Dust Containment Efficiency with complete blade visibility
    • Adjusts or positions itself on the the grinder to your particular style or way of cutting.
    • 2″ Diameter Barrel —
      • Provides a convenient handle for using the tool and worker comfort.
      • The extra wide diameter eliminates or prevents chunks of mortar or concrete from becoming lodged inside both the guard and the barrel. FACT: When cutting concrete or masonry, besides powder, chunks of debris are also broken-off. The 2″ wide barrel eliminates large pieces of solids from becoming lodged inside the guard . . . thus prevents productivity downtime of removing debris from inside the guard and blocking the dust port.

    Pricing, Ordering - Individual Guard & Combination Kits.

    Product Liability, Safety Notice, Manufacturer’s Warranty.

    The Dust Director is a viable component for use on an angle grinder to protect the operator, bystanders and the environment from the hazards of created airborne silica dust.

    However, upon the buyer and/or user’s attachment of the Dust Director to the angle grinder, such a modification may void the manufacturer’s warranty of the angle grinder particularly when an oversize blade is used.

    Additionally, due to product liability insurance, the Buyer and/or User are now notified that by using the assembled “saw” they do so at their own risk, accept all risks, and indemnifies all parties associated with the Dust Director.

    Vacuum Packages - With purchase of a Deluxe Surface Dust Guard

    1, 2 & 3-Motor Dust Director Vacuums with Non-Blinding AIRFlow HEPA Filtration:

    • Complete with everything you need for a complete dustless grinding system.
    • Models include (20) Filter Collection Bags for Non-Stop Suction Power and Clean, No-Mess Handling and Disposal of Debris.


    • Expect to grind concrete all day and everyday without caking the filters, without suction drop, without dirtying the HEPA cartridge filter.
    • All of the debris, whether it be dry powder, moist debris or hot mastics – everything goes into and is completely contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags.
    • Expect to replace the HEPA cartridge filter maybe once a year.

    Models – Dust Director Vacuums