Abrasive Grinding Wheels - A+ for Paint & Coatings Removal.

Abrasive ZEK Discs



8 grit

  • Clean, Sand Concrete, Metal, Wood and Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Prepares or Strip Surfaces for New Coatings
  • Fast, Aggressive Coatings, Glue, Paint, Sealer Removal ~ Non-Loading

No Back-Up Pad Required

Product Details

Silicone Carbide Grinding Wheels

Removes the following materials – Without Loading the Disc nor Melting the Material

  • Adhesives, Paint, Glues, Mastics, Epoxies – from Concrete Surfaces
  • Additionally, the discs are also used for removing thick rust from steel (beams, concrete forms, etc.)

Silicone Grinding Disc complete with built-in Backing Pad. Epoxy / Glue / Paint Removal Disc from concrete surfaces - "Will not clog".

Surface Preparation Discs:

  • Coatings, Sealant, Adhesive Removal from Concrete Surfaces
  • Fast, Aggressive Wood Grinding (removes the high spots on swollen OSB plywood)
  • Concrete & Masonry Grinding
  • Heavy Rust Removal from Steel
  • Barnacles from the Hulls of Boats

Need to expose the bare concrete . . . Fast? You've tried Abrasive Blades? Wire Wheels? Manual and Power Scrapers? Similar Coatings Removal Discs?

ZEK – Silicone Carbide Grinding Discs

  • Multiple layers of abrasive grains cut through adhesive-type coatings faster while discarding the adhesive build-up ~ to resist disc loading.
  • Removes the adhesive-type coating then grinds the concrete surface.
  • Non-loading Swirl Pattern design, with Cooling Vents . . . Combined with High Quality, Long Lasting Silicon Carbide . . . provides a Superior Long Lasting Wheel ~ “Without Clogging”.
  • Unique Grinding Disc . . . Complete with a Heavy Duty Plastic Backing Pad . . . makes the Disc firm, yet flexible.
  • Recessed Type 27 Grinding Wheel with 7/8″ arbor. Attaches onto standard angle grinders using the grinder’s own blade clamps.
  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial

    Expected Disc Life

    The ZEKs worked well for removing
    paint from the concrete block on our building. We stripped about 2000 sq feet of wall down to mostly bare block.
    It seemed to us that we got the best results and longer disc life by running (our angle grinders) at about 3000 RPM.
    We ordered 10 discs and I think we only used about half.

    Facilities Maintenance Mgr. – Commercial / Industrial Buildings

    Removes Liquid Nail Adhesive

    Removed thin and heavy liquid nail adhesive from retaining block walls . . . without loading the disc or melting the glue. Some of the adhesive was 1/2″ thick.
    We also continued grinding the concrete block for a smooth surface on the blocks . . . One wheels lasted us for days . . .
    I’m sure your variable speed grinder on the 1st setting also helped . . .

    Landscaper – Pittsburgh, PA

    Have a large floor area that needs resurfaced?

    Use the Dust Director Versatile 18″ Grinding Plate

    ICS's 18" Floor Grinding Plates accept 4-1/2" ZEK Discs.
    ZEK Discs installed on 18″ Floor Plate
    4-1/2″ Discs install on the 5/8-11 Threaded Studs
    18″ Floor Surface Preparation System
    for increased production…

    Universal Grinding Plates
    18″ Floor Plate attaches to standard 20″ floor machines. Using the same plate, you’ll also able to use standard diamond cup wheels, knotted wire cup brushes, and abrasive grinding wheels and stones.

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