Refractory, Extremely Hard - Engineered Stone, Concrete Cutting.

All World Blades – Refractory, Extremely Hard Material Blade (RB-Series)



Laser Welded Professional – High Productivity

When All Else Fails ~ Fast, Smooth, Sharp Cutting through the Hardest of Any Type of Concrete or Stone.

Cuts through the Hardest Materials “In the World” — Refractory, Concrete, Hard Brick, Pavers, Stone

  • Old Concrete with Super Hard Aggregate, Stone, Engineered Stone, Refractory, Granite, Ductile
  • High Diamond Grade, Softest Available Bond
  • 10mm Segment Height
  • No Fancy Diamond Segments . . . Instead the All World blade uses Old Fashion Diamond Segments with the right diamond crystals and metal bond to provide extremely long life and fast cutting performance for XXX-Hard Material Cutting.
  • Laser Welded, 10mm Segment Height with Drive Pin Hole.

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