Coatings Removal + Grinding Cup Wheels.

Arrow Segment



Concrete Grinding + Coatings Removal.

  • Supreme Grade, Excellent Long Lasting and Aggressive Concrete Grinding + Coatings Removal
  • Plow Shaped Segments Help Lift Material as It Removes Coatings + for thicker coatings vs. the above S-Segment Cup
  • Large Surface Area Diamond Segments leaves a smooth finish
  • Aggressive arrow shaped / plow segments are specifically engineered for the removal of Thicker Coatings: Epoxy, Mastic, Urethanes & other membrane materials from concrete
  • High quality diamond content plus taller 10mm segment height provides longer wheel life
  • Medium 30 / 40 Grit – Extremely effective for coatings and sealer removal, leaves a universal clean finish.

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