5" Corner Surface Dust Guard - Installed on 7" Polisher.
7SDG_Airflow 5" Corner Surface Dust Guard - Installed on 7" Polisher. Corner_Surface_Dust_Guard_Dave_PS7_Edging_GuardCorner_Guard_Corner_PSCorner_Guard_Front_PS_smallCorner_Guard_W_Cup_Wheel_PSCorner_Guard_7_2Corner_Guard_Collars

5″ & 7″ HD Metal – Surface Dust Guards


  • All Metal Guards for Indestructible Wear
  • Strong airflow underneath the seal picks the dust from the floor as the Surface Dust Guards glide easily over the floor . . . leaving the floor clean
  • Adjustable rubber seal ensures that a small gap is maintained between the seal and the floor to provide the amble flow of air.

Easy to Install. Both guards install onto your angle grinder or polisher:

Color-coded inserts are included with each guard for installing to all major brands: Bosch DeWalt Fein Flex Hitachi Makita Metabo Milwaukee Ryobi.

Plastic insert collars included with the 7" & 5" Surface Dust Guards.

Simply remove the standard wheel guard and attach a Surface Dust Guard. Once installed thread-on a diamond grinding wheel with a 5/8-11 hub and an approved HEPA dust extractor with a minimum hose diameter of 1-1/2″.

  • 5" Corner Surface Dust Guard
  • 5" Corner Surface Dust Guard

    5" Surface Corner Dust Guard - Front View. For using 4″, 4-1/2″, and 5″ grinding wheels. Two (2) straight edges are used for grinding along walls and into corners and around obstacles (pipes, columns, fixtures, etc.). A+ for use on walls and into tight areas.

    Equipped as follows:

    • Collars for installing the guard onto 4-1/2″, 5″ and 6″ angle grinders
    • Included extra collars fit the following grinders: Bosch, Hilti, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, Makita 7″ Polisher.
  • 7" Edging Surface Dust Guard
  • 7" Edging Surface Dust Guard

    5" Corner Surface Dust Guard - Installed on 7" Polisher.Equipped as follows:

    • Collars for installing the guard onto 7″ and 9″ angle grinders
    • Included extra collar fits the following grinders: Bosch, Hilti, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo.
      Makita 9227C Polisher: 7″ Surface Dust Guard – when used with the Makita 9227C Polisher, a separate collar is required: Part No. #09. Click here to purchase this collar.
  • Compliance
  • OSHA's Silica Dust Exposure Law

    Effective Date:? 23 June 2016, Compliance Date:? 23 June 2017.

    Are You In Compliance?

    The Dust Director? has been used and has figured prominently in just about every silica dust control study since its inception in 2001.

    Bosch grinder grinding brick mortar joints - without using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints without using the Dust Director?.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director?.
    Dust Director, Bosch grinder and a Manometer.
    The Dust Director? attached to a Bosch angle grinder and a manometer to monitor silica dust exposure.

    How about Your Vacuum?

    Does your vacuum have enough CFM to handle your wheel’s diameter?

    OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law – Requires the following CFM Rating: 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter. For example, a 7″ wheel needs 175 CFM (7″ x 25 CFM).

    Final Rule – CFM Requirements

    To comply with OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law, one of your first steps is to select a vacuum or cyclone that has enough CFM to handle the diameter of the grinding or cutting wheel that you will be using. Use the chart and information below to help you select the vacuum that will have enough CFM.

    Wheel Diameter * Required CFM Dust Director? Models – CFM Rating
    ** Vacuum Model – CFM Rating ** Cyclone Model – CFM Rating
    4.5″ 112.5 DD1000 – 130
    DD1200 – 140CP1200 – 160
    DD2000 – 260DD2000S – 260
    DD2400 – 318
    DD3900 – 447
    – 270C2400SD – 315C2400M – 315C2400B – 315
    C3900B – 340
    5″ 125
    6″ 150
    7″ 175
    12″ 300
    14″ 350
    16″ 400
    ?* OSHA’s Required CFM Rating:? 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter.
  • Features
  • Features - Both HD Metal Guards ~ 7" & 5" Corner.

    7" Surface Edge Dust Guard with complete dust control.Work Easy with Dust Free with these HD Metal Surface Dust Guards

    Providing beautiful performance as they float across the floor . . .

    Like a hovercraft on a cushion of air . . .

    Complete Dust Control

    Concrete Grinding & Polishing?with our?Surface Dust Guards

    96% Dust Control Efficiency plus A+ Usage & Handling:
    Concrete floor grinding

    • Preparing concrete floors before applying coatings, sealers, tile
    • Floor leveling (with aggressive, fast removal diamond wheels)
    • Coatings, sealant removal
    • Edging: Grind right along the walls edge (within 1/16″)
    • Never experiencing the nuisance of the guard being sucked-down to the floor
    • No restrictions when grinding into corners or along wall edges
    • No visible dust when used with an Industrial Grade Silica Filtration Vacuum
    • Uses standard 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″, 6″ and 7″ diamond & abrasive wheels

    5" Surface Corner Dust Guard for wall edging & corner productivity. Shown with Makita 9227C 7" Polisher (3,000 Rpm). 5" Corner Guard. Corner & wall edging grinding results.Flush Edging – Along a wall . . .

    Along-the-Wall & Into-the-Corner
    Beautiful Dust Free Edging Results . . .

    5″ Corner Surface Dust Guard ~ Priceless . . .

    Eliminates having to go back & hand scrape around around fixtures, obstacles, wall edges, corners, etc.

    Grinding along walls used to be impossible . . .

    1. The vacuum port got in the way . . .
    2. The guard was too bulky . . .
    3. The diamond cup wheel was shielded . . .

    Now, you’re able to grind along a wall’s edge with beautiful, dust-free results

    . . . and into corners!

    5″ & 7″ Edging Surface Dust Guards
    Flush Grinding / Cleaning Along a Wall’s Edge . . .


    – Made of HD Metal –
    Not Plastic

    Will not warp, crack or break like plastic . . .


    Use your own Angle Grinder or Polisher ~

    Purchasing a separate power tool is not necessary.

    Each Surface Dust Guards includes an assortment of plastic insert collars that enable you to attach either of the guards to any high speed angle grinder or polisher.

    Adjustable hook-n-loop (Velcro?) Rubber Seal Edging.
    Ensures that the air flows is under the hood – where the dust is generated – giving it superior dust pick-up. Low speed grinders or polishers do not even need the rubber edging. It is only required when grinders exceed 4,000 Rpm.

    As a diamond cup wheel wears, the Rubber Seal Edging can be moved down to last beyond five cup wheels (the seal only touches the floor’s high spots).

    Smooth & Effortless Grinding ~ No noticeable friction is felt . . .

    Surface Dust Guards are built for removing glue, paint, concrete, etc. from smooth or rough concrete surfaces with superior dust pickup and easy handling . . . they actually float across the floor without any friction.

    Tip: To Avoid the Angle Grinder or Polisher from Burnout

    If you are using the tool on difficult, sticky floors and it is slowing down so much that you smell the motor burning: DO NOT STOP THE GRINDER – IT WILL BURN OUT!

    Their motors are very powerful, but they generate a lot of heat. They utilize a strong built-in fan that constants draws-in outside cooling air into and around the motor to keep the motor operating cool.

    Instead of stopping the grinder: If it smells or it seems like it is running too hot, immediately lift the tool off the floor and let it spin freely for 20 seconds. This will allow the cooling process to work.

  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial

    Beautiful, absolutely perfect and the owner was very happy . . .
    We grounded over 14,000 sq. ft. of interior vertical walls at the airport and the guards, your vacuums and the smooth grinding (turbo cups) wheels worked perfect – beautiful system.

    Superintendent, Concrete Contractor, Pittsburgh, PA