CP1200, 1-Motor Chimney Sweep Vacuum w/ 3" & 1.5" Hoses

Dust Director Chimney Sweep 1-Motor Vacuum

Product No. / SKU: CP1200



1200 Watts, 120 Volt, 160 CFM, 88″ H20, 12 Gallon HD Poly Tank, 2″ X 12′ and 3″ X 10′ lightweight, flexible hoses for increased suction performance.

HEPA Cartridge Filter and 3 Clean Extreme Filter Bags.

12 Gallon, 3″ Hose Chimney Sweep Vacuum


  • Tuck Pointing
  • 5″, 7″ Dust Guards
  • Wet/Dry Use
  • Chimney Sweep.

Product Details

All in One Chimney Sweep Vacuum. Designed after listening to you, the Chimney Sweep Professional, on what you prefer in a Chimney Sweep Vacuum:

  • Small, Compact, Powerful, 1-Motor (12.0 Amp)
  • Equipped with 3″ x 10′ and 2″ x 12′ hoses, use both hoses for:
    • Dust control during fireplace, chimney and air duct cleaning
    • Powerful suction for extracting piles of cold ash and creosote
    • Concrete and masonry grinding.
  • 12 Gallon Heavy-Duty Polythene Collection Tank
  • AIRFlow HEPA Filtration: Expect to collect 40 pounds of ash, creosote, cold embers, anything . . . without:
    • Incurring Suction Drop
    • Caking the HEPA cartridge filter
    • Dirtying the inside of the tank
    • Any dust exhaust into the work area.

SPECIFICATIONS: CP1200 equipped as follows:

  • 2″ X 12′ Lightweight and Flexible Hose w/Hose Cuffs.
  • 3″ X 10′ Lightweight and Flexible Hose w/Hose Cuffs.
  • HEPA Rated Cartridge Filter.
  • Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags (3) – Vacuum any type of debris, from dry concrete powder to moist or oily debris to hot mastics; everything is collected and contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag without suction loss.HD Clean Extreme Filter Bag removed from tank - holds 140lbs. of dry concrete dust - inside of the tank remains clean. Additional Benefits of the Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag:
    • Bags fill completely, to the tank’s inlet port, for long operating times without suction drop
    • The outside the filter bag stays clean
    • The inside of the tank stays clean
    • The HEPA Cartridge Filter stays clean
    • Removal, handling and disposal of the completely contained debris is clean, easy and without a mess.
  • Swivel casters (6)
  • Power: 120 volt 2-stage 1200 Watt 12.0 Amp Motor ~ 160 CFM, 88″ H20
  • Size: 14″/12″ x 29″, 29 lbs., Sound Level: 72.7 dB.