Cyclone w/ HD Tipping Cart: 120 & 240 Volt Model.

Cyclone, 3-Motor, 220 Volt, Split Tank with Heavy Duty Tipping Cart

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3-Motor 240 Volt, 1300 Watt Motor x 3, 5.1 Amps x 3, each motor with its own on/off switch, 420 CFM, 97″ H20, HD Tipping Cart providing A+ Maneuverability, Portability & Durability
HD, Durable, A+ Mobility — Tip’n Pour Cart ~ easy debris disposal even into a plastic bag.

  • Complete with 4-Stage CYCLONE HEPA Filtration
  • Power: 3-Motor 240 Volt, 1300 Watt Motor x 3, 5.1 Amps x 3, each motor with its own on/off switch
  • Suction Performance: 420 CFM, 83″ H20
  • Tank: 24 gallon steel tank, 2″ Side Tangential Inlet Port
  • Tipping Cart – With large rear wheels and front casters, provides A+ portability and easy disposal
  • Hose: 2″ x 25′ lightweight and very flexible, 2″ ID smooth vinyl hose cuff
  • Dust Capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Size: 22″W x 24″L x 55″ H.

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Product Details


  • Electronic Free – No Electronic Components or Circuit Boards are used in the Cyclone.
  • Save Space – No Pre-Separator Needed – A dual Cyclonic Separator Module is built inside the Collection Tank.

Always a Clean Filter & Power Suction Maintain — Regardless of what you may be extracting: Unlike other dust extractors, a Dust Director Cyclone allows you to extract volumes of powder, sludge and hot mastics AT THE SAME TIME without damaging or compromising the life of the Cyclone or the HEPA cartridge filter.

Grind dry and vacuum through puddles or extract hot mastic glues. The Cyclone Module will NOT get damaged. Actually, the complete filter system — including the HEPA cartridge filter — is washable!

With NO filters to clog you have NO filters to clean . . . Productivity sky rockets . . . as suction is maintained.

Without using electronic switches, sensors or touch control panels, 100% of the motors power is dedicated to SUCTION. The power from the motors is NOT shared nor reduced to pulse clean the HEPA cartridge filter. Plug in the vacuum to a standard 15 amp 110 volt outlet and use the Cyclone as you would any standard wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Expect to extract volumes of dry powder without suction drop while maintaining a clean HEPA filter.

Providing portability and maneuverability with their compact size, large wheels and swiveling/locking casters (while specifically designed to overcome the flaws of other filter systems when extracting volumes of silica dust during concrete grinding, sawing and shot blasting operations), a Dust Director Cyclone is well equipped for use in any industry or application requiring sustained suction performance with little or no operator invention to clean or maintain the filter.

More accessories. For all of the available accessories for the cyclones & vacuums, including different types and lengths of hoses, hose cuffs, replacement filters, etc.

  • Model Description
  • MODEL DESCRIPTION - Saves You Money, Makes You Money

    With the 4-Stage Cyclonic Filtration System you’ll always be working with a clean filter: With NO filter to clog there is NEVER suction drop or dirty filters to touch or clean ~ EVER.

    4-Stage Cyclone HEPA Module.

    4-Stage CYCLONIC HEPA Filtration

    — The End of Suction Drop —

    NO Work Stoppages . . . or placing a cap over the Inlet Port & lifting a Purge Handle Repeatedly!

    Best of all . . . NO Electronics to Pulse the Filter!

    The moving and electronic parts associated with electronic controlled pulse cleaning systems (solenoids) are subject to frequent and expensive breakdowns. Dust Director? Cyclones use no solenoids nor do they have circuit boards in them. Basically, a Dust Director? Cyclones operates exactly like a simple wet/dry vacuum:

    An on/off switch turns on the vacuum’s motors and the motors are only used for suction, they are not used to clean the filter. Our Cyclone operates without electronics nor are there any mechanical moving parts. In summary, a Dust Director? Cyclone is just as simple to use and maintain as a standard wet/dry shop vacuum.


    • Dual Cyclonic Separator Module – For every 100 lbs. of concrete dust contained in the collection bin, 1 or 2 tablespoon of powder will escape
    • Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag – collects the 1 or 2 tablespoons of powder that escaped the cyclone collection chamber.
    • Clean Extreme HEPA Cartridge Filter – completely washable with PTFE dust release and water shedding membrane. The Clean Extreme filter may never have to be replaced.

    And . . . the breathable material of the Clean Extreme Filter Bag (this is the same filter bag that we use in our 1-Motor vacuums to hold 40 lbs. of concrete dust) may lasts years before it may need replaced.

  • Model Features

    24 Gallon Tipping Cart - Easy debris disposal.Compact, Efficient Tipping Cart with Large Rear Wheels and Swivel Casters. Tipping carts makes it easy to empty the collection tank, even into a plastic bag for even easier and cleaner disposal.

    Independent Cyclonic Filtration. Operating separately from the vacuum’s motors there are no timers or synchronization patterns between the cleaning and suction functions. While the vacuum’s motors operate, the cyclone module works completely independently.

    Independent on/off switches for each motor. While peak suction performance is always and impressively maintained, it is assuring to know that both motors on the 120 volt models will operate all day from a 15 amp circuit.

  • HEPA Filter System
  • 4-STAGE CYCLONE HEPA FILTER SYSTEM - Background Information

    Tired of pulse action cleaning systems that “share” or take away from the motor’s real purpose (suction)?

    These types of cleaning systems momentarily shut down suction so the motor can be used (switched) to clean the filter. When you think about it, with all that is going on inside the vacuum’s cylinder or collection tank (the turbulence, suction, swirling and caking of debris), how thorough or effective can a poof, pulse or even a blast of air be on a pleated filter?

    Do you really think that even a powerful blast of air (or even 20 of them) is strong enough to loosen caked in debris from deep inside a filter’s pleats?

    Unprotected cartridge filter ~ Efficiency immediately becomes compromised.PROBLEM: If the blast(s) does happen to be powerful enough . . . even if it could remove 100% of the caking (from deep inside the filter’s pleats) . . .

    Whenever a filter is completely left exposed and completely unprotected to the continued and violet onslaught of the incoming abrasive granules against its delicate fibers . . .

    Regardless of how effective the pulse or blast may be . . . the filter is now has become worn, dirty and its effectiveness and efficiency is compromised.

    Likewise, suction performance immediately drops 15% and this is true even with a “brand new” filter.

    SOLUTION: The best way to get high productivity out of any vacuum cleaner is to keep its filter clean and protected from the onslaught of incoming debris. Pulsing or blasting it with air every 15 seconds or manually shaking and removing it – after it has become compromised – isn’t intelligent.

    The solution is to keep dust from getting to the filter ~ In the first place.

    Unprotected cartridge filter ~ Efficiency immediately becomes compromised. At the Dust Director? we know filter systems. Pulse or Reverse Air Filtration Systems? We have our own and we never sold them because we weren’t impressed.

    Even a brand new “white” cartridge filter, used “once” in a pulse or filter shaking system, produces or exhibits suction drop by at least 15% – and that percentage increases at the debris impregnates itself into the filter’s fibers.

    At the Dust Director?, we set the bar to “always be working with a clean HEPA cartridge filter.”

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