Easily 10% Greater Suction than Bosch, Dewalt, Fein, Makita & Metabo Vacuums.

Dust Director 1-Motor Vacuum, 1000 Watt

Product No. / SKU: DD1000


Dust Director 1000 Watt Vacuum, 120 Volt, 130 CFM, 78″ H20, 10 Gallon Poly Tank, 2″ Inlet


  • Tuck Pointing
  • 4-6″ Dust Guards
  • Dry Use
  • Chimney Sweep

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Product Details

Lightweight, Compact, 10 Gallon Industrial 1000 Watt 2-Stage Motor with AIRFlow HEPA Filtration — 20% Greater Suction and any other Vacuum Cleaner.

Specifically designed for the dustless tuck pointing profession – extracts 30 lbs. of ultra fine silica dust without suction drop – concrete dust will literally accumulate in the collection tank, to its inlet port, without suction drop.

Provides all the power and filtration you need to capture silica powder from hand held dust extraction tools. A light weight vacuum but with an industrial grade motor and the same filter system found in our more expensive models.

Filter System — AIRFlow HEPA Filtration. Expect to collect over 30 lbs. of concrete dust with little if any suction drop. Turn the vacuum off then on again and the filter bag will release any caking by deflating and re-inflating itself. Turn on the vacuum and suction power actually improves! The 10 gallon collection tank will fill completely, to its inlet port with maybe a minimal drop in suction power.

Filter includes: HEPA Cartridge Filter, Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags (3). Any type of debris, from dry concrete powder to moist or oily debris to hot mastics — everything is collected and contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag WITH minimal suction loss AND with everything completely contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag. HD Clean Extreme Filter Bag removed from tank – holds 30lbs. of dry concrete dust – inside of the tank remains clean. HD Clean Extreme Filter Bag removed from tank - holds 140lbs. of dry concrete dust - inside of the tank remains clean.?ADDITIONAL BENEFITS INCLUDE:

  • Clean Extreme Filter Bag completely fills – to the inlet port on the tank ~ Providing long operating times without suction drop
  • The outside of the filter bag stays clean
  • The inside of the tank stays clean
  • The HEPA Cartridge Filter stays clean
  • Removal, handling & disposal of the completely contained debris is clean, easy and without a mess.

DD1000 – Equipped as follows: 10 gal. poly collection tank, 110 Volt 2-Stage 1000 Watt 8.5 Amp Motor, 130 CFM, 78″ H20, 2″ Inlet Port, 1-1/2″ x 12′ Hose, 2″ ID Smooth Vinyl Hose Cuff, AIRFlow HEPA Filtration, (3) Clean Extreme Filter Bags, Trolley Car. Silica Dust Capacity: 30 lbs. Increases to 40 lbs. when a Power Station is used. Size: 12″ x 29″, 15 lbs., Sound Level: 80dB. Lighted on/off Motor Switches. HD, industrial, water resistant – Completely weatherproofed “on/off” switches.