DD2000S - Dust Director 2-Motor Vacuum on Tip'n Pour Cart.

Dust Director 24 Gallon Dust Extractor 2-Motor Vacuum

Product No. / SKU: DD2000S


Identical Motor as DD2000 w/ 24 Gal Tank on Tip’n Pour Cart. Remove the flat bottom tank to safely use the vacuum on scaffold.


  • Tuck Pointing
  • 5″, 7″ Dust Guards
  • Dustless Saws
  • Wet/Dry Use
  • Floor Grinders
  • Chimney Sweep.

Product Details

Powerful 2-Motor Suction, Compact 24 Gallon Tank – Collects 150 lbs. of Silica Dust without Suction Drop.

DD2000S - Tipping cart makes emptying the tank easy.Identical in power, filtration and collection yields as the DD2000 model but with even greater versatility from its Tip’n Pour cart (right):

  • Concrete Grinding – Emptying the tank with 100+ lbs. of concrete dust has never been easier or safer using the Tip’n Pour cart.
  • Tuck Pointers – Grinding of brick mortar joints. The vacuum is conveniently wheeled to the site and easily removed from its cart to use just the vacuum on scaffold. The vacuum – compact (16″ in diameter) and with a flat bottom tank – is easy to handle and even easier to secure on scaffold.Tuck Pointers – Seriously increase productivity. With the compact 24 gallon tank and 2-motor power, tuck pointers are able to grind brick mortar joints all day without stopping to clean the filters or to empty the tank ~ Just Grind . . .
  • General Purpose Use – Vacuum ultra fine powder to moist debris and even at the same time!

Filter System – AIRFlow HEPA Filtration ~ Expect to collect over 110 lbs. of concrete dust with little if any suction drop. Turn the vacuum off then on again and the filter bag will release any caking by deflating and re-inflating itself. Turn on the vacuum and suction power actually improves! The 24 gallon collection tank will fill completely, to its inlet port with maybe a minimal drop in suction power.

HD Clean Extreme Filter Bag removed from tank - holds 140lbs. of dry concrete dust - inside of the tank remains clean.Filter System includes: HEPA Cartridge Filter, Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags (3). Any type of debris, from dry concrete powder to moist or oily debris to hot mastics — everything is collected and contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag WITH minimal suction loss AND with everything completely contained within the Clean Extreme Filter Bag. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS INCLUDE:

  • Clean Extreme Filter Bag completely fills – to the inlet port on the tank ~ Providing long operating times without suction drop
  • The outside of the filter bag stays clean
  • The inside of the tank stays clean
  • The HEPA Cartridge Filter stays clean
  • Removal, handling & disposal of the completely contained debris is clean, easy and without a mess.

DD2000S. 2-Motor each with its own on/off switch. Equipped as follows: 24 gal. HD Steel Collection Tank on Tip’n Pour Cart, 120 Volt 2-Stage 1000 Watt Motors x 2, 8.5 Amps x 2, 260 CFM, 88″ H20, 2″ Inlet Port, 2″ x 12′ Hose, 2″ ID Smooth Vinyl Hose Cuff, AIRFlow HEPA Filtration, (3) Clean Extreme Filter Bags. Silica Dust Capacity: 150 lbs. Increases to 190 lbs. when a Power Station is used. Size: 19.5″ x 17″ x 38″, 48 lbs., Sound Level: 78.0dB

  • Model Description
  • Model Description

    The DD2000S is the absolute Best Versatile High Performance Vacuum Cleaner on the Market. Whether it be for general purpose use or specialty applications such as extracting 150 lbs. or silica dust without suction drop.


    Handles 21″ Floor Grinders, our 14″ Gas Dust Director, Dustless Tuck Pointing (enable you to grind mortar joints all day without having to clean filters or empty the tank.)

    Extremely Durable, Portable and Compact. The 24 Gallon Tank, while providing large collection yields, is very mobile easy and compact. Its handles, wheels and casters are all built into the tank to provide A+ protection from breakage and for transporting through residential door ways.

    The strong, cold rolled form steel tank provides incredible versatility and durability.

    Productivity Vacuum for Tuck Pointers – Increase your productivity “on the wall” with the DD2000S: Twice the suction power of any 1-Motor Vacuum plus its larger but compact tank will enable you to grind mortar joints all day “without having to clean the filters or empty the tank!”

    Collection & Productivity Advantage: Powerful 2-Motor suction plus its large tank (but still compact and portable) easily doubles operation or productivity times.

    Benefits of using a 2-Motor vs. a 1-Motor Vacuum.

    Two (2) motors literally provide twice the suction performance than anyone’s 1-motor vacuum, including our own.

    With twice the suction power and a larger (but compact) tank, as collection yields increase so does productivity as you’ll only be emptying the tank at the end of the day. With the best filter system for preventing suction drop while vacuuming dry powders, the DD2000S may well be “the perfect vacuum.”

    Individual on/off switches puts you in complete control of the power situation. The motors, complete with No Amp Surge Protection, enables you to turn-on any motor in any sequence from a single 120 volt 15 amp outlet without circuit breaker overloads.

    The 2nd Motor Handles the Unexpected on a Job Site. When grinding brick mortar joints or making a second cut on wider joints, two motor suction significantly compensates for dust escaping vs. only having a 1-motor vacuum.

    AIRFlow HEPA Filter System – Expect to extract large volumes of the finest of powders without suction drop or contamination of neither the inside of the tank or your work area.

    Additionally, the Dust Director’s unique HEPA rated cartridge filter permits simultaneous dry and wet recovery without the hassle of changing filters during a clean-up project. The filter is easily removed from its filter cage for washing and re-use.

    Easy Storage, Transportation & Handling – Equipped with durable metal tank-clamps that won’t crack, snap or wear from heavy use ~ even when the tank is completely full and being handled with its collection capacity of 140 lbs. of silica (without incurring suction drop.)

  • Compliance
  • Are You In Compliance?


    The Dust Director has been used and has figured prominently in just about every silica dust control study since its inception in 2001.

    This includes the Dust Director’s acknowledgement in OSHA’s Final Rule (read it here): Requirement of dust control to keep workers from breathing silica dust – Effective 23 June 2016.

    Final Rule – Required CFM Ratings

    Is your vacuum in compliance? Does it have enough CFM?

    * To comply with OSHA’s Standard one of your first steps is to select a vacuum or cyclone that has enough CFM to handle your wheel’s diameter. Use the chart and information below to help you select the model that has enough CFM.

    *Required CFM Dust
    Director? Models – CFM Rating
    **Vacuum Model
    – CFM Rating
    **Cyclone Model
    – CFM Rating
    4.5″ 112.5 DD1000- 130

    DD1200 – 130

    CP1200 – 140

    DD2000 – 260

    DD2000S – 260

    DD2400 – 270

    DD3900 – 342

    C2000S- 270

    C2400SD – 315

    C2400M – 315

    C2400B – 315

    C3900B – 420

    5″ 125
    6″ 150
    7″ 175
    12″ 300
    14″ 350
    16″ 400
    *OSHA’s Required CFM Rating: 25 CFM or greater per inch
    of wheel diameter.

    Ridgid Vacuum. OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law. Additional vacuum cleaner information & requirements. OSHA’s Final Rule Is NOW the Law. Are you in compliance?

    Comparison. Are you using a common wet/dry shop vac for dust control?

  • Comparison
  • Still Using a Standard Wet / Dry Vacuum as a Dust Extractor?

  • Optional Equipment
  • Optional Equipment

    On large concrete grinding projects, for cost considerations, improved productivity and ease of disposal and handling of the extracted dust, you may want to consider a Power Station or a Separator:

    PS-300 Power Station, for use with any 1, 2 or 3-Motor Dust Director VacuumsPower Station: A Power Station is simply an open cylinder placed between the vacuum’s collection tank & motor head. Installed, 1/3 of the motor head and the complete HEPA cartridge filter are removed from the collection tank. Now, with 33% more room in the collection tank, collection yields increase 33% for longer operating or productivity times.

    Additionally, by collecting an additional 33% more dust in the same Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag, bag consumption cost drops 33%! Plus . . . with the HEPA cartridge filter completely removed from the collection tank, as the filter bag fills it will not encased or suffocate the cartridge filter . . . which further helps at maintaining a high level of suction.

    PS-55, Separator for a 55 Gallon Drum.Separator: A Separator is simply placed in front of any size vacuum whenever you want more collection yields and/or productivity. Additionally, if you are finding the filters in your vacuum are blinding or clogging too soon, you probably need to use a pre-separator.

    Maxi-Bag Separator.Another way of looking at how a Separator works is as follows:

    • With the filter system of a Dust Director maintaining incredible airflow, the vacuum is looked upon as the “power house” and the Separator as the vacuum’s collection tank.
    • In this arrangement, besides keeping the vacuum’s filters clean, Separators provide for easier remove, handling and disposal of the debris for increased productivity on the floor.

    For any concrete or terrazzo floor grinding project, a Separator is essential as it: Easily quadruples collection yields vs. filling the vacuum’s collection tank, keeps the vacuum’s filter cleaner and operating at 100% power, provides for easy handling and disposal of debris.

    For additional information, pricing and ordering of a Power Station or Pre-Separator, see Vacuum Accessories

    Extension Cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner.TUCK POINTING. Add multiple lengths of 2″ x 25′ hoses (up to 75′) and keep the vacuum on the ground and grind brick mortar joints.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials

    Feedback from Hardwood Floor Contractors

    I should have bought the 2-Motor – we haven’t used the 3rd Motor yet

    (Customer purchase our DC 3-Motor Vacuum)

    The vacuums hold so much dust. And there isn’t any filter maintenance. The filters simply don’t clog, they just keep sucking dust.

    We have a few of those real expensive pulse vacuums and the dust lays in the hose. We’re always having to lift and shake the hoses to get the dust out of them.

    Decorative Concrete Floor Contractor, Thousands Oaks, CA

    The Clean Extreme Filter Bag is remarkable. We fill the bags completely and there isn’t one spec of dust on the cartridge filter . . . The vacuums are work horses…

    Wood Sanding Contractor, Califon, New Jersey

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