7" Deluxe Surface Dust Guard
H5DG 7" Deluxe Surface Dust Guard H_006

Deluxe 5″ & 7″ Surface Dust Guards



Designed for Professionals ~ At an affordable DIY price.

Product Details

Protect your lungs and the people around you! This custom designed shroud is suitable to attach to most dry vacuum units for dust extraction when grinding concrete, sanding wood and plaster board or any other dust. The simple collar and screw adjustment means it can be fitted to most angle grinders or sanders.

Our custom made dust shroud has been carefully developed to satisfy the Pro Concrete Grinders with no compromises in design or materials used. No more skirt adjustments. The custom rubber diaphragm will automatically adjust flush to the concrete surface. Adjustable built in Air Vent to reduce vacuum pressure if suction of vacuum cleaner is too strong. 5mm replaceable Nylon wear strips have been fitted to prolong the lifetime of shroud. The unique flip top front allows edge grinding right up to the edge 99% dust free. The design of the non detachable mouth piece prevents it from getting lost, no tools are required. Collars supplied are for Makita & Hitachi and includes hub cup spacer. Other collars available on request to fit most popular angle grinders.

  • Compliance
  • OSHA's Silica Dust Exposure Law

    Effective Date:? 23 June 2016, Compliance Date:? 23 June 2017.

    Are You In Compliance?

    The Dust Director? has been used and has figured prominently in just about every silica dust control study since its inception in 2001.

    Bosch grinder grinding brick mortar joints - without using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints without using the Dust Director?.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director.
    Grinding brick mortar joints using the Dust Director?.
    Dust Director, Bosch grinder and a Manometer.
    The Dust Director? attached to a Bosch angle grinder and a manometer to monitor silica dust exposure.

    How about Your Vacuum?

    Does your vacuum have enough CFM to handle your wheel’s diameter?

    OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law – Requires the following CFM Rating: 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter. For example, a 7″ wheel needs 175 CFM (7″ x 25 CFM).

    Final Rule – CFM Requirements

    To comply with OSHA’s Silica Dust Exposure Law, one of your first steps is to select a vacuum or cyclone that has enough CFM to handle the diameter of the grinding or cutting wheel that you will be using. Use the chart and information below to help you select the vacuum that will have enough CFM.

    Wheel Diameter * Required CFM Dust Director? Models – CFM Rating
    ** Vacuum Model – CFM Rating ** Cyclone Model – CFM Rating
    4.5″ 112.5 DD1000 – 130
    DD1200 – 140CP1200 – 160
    DD2000 – 260DD2000S – 260
    DD2400 – 318
    DD3900 – 447
    – 270C2400SD – 315C2400M – 315C2400B – 315
    C3900B – 340
    5″ 125
    6″ 150
    7″ 175
    12″ 300
    14″ 350
    16″ 400
    ?* OSHA’s Required CFM Rating:? 25 CFM or greater per inch of wheel diameter.
  • Features
  • Features - Both Deluxe Models, 5" & 7".

    5" & 7" Deluxe Surface Dust Guards. Maximum Dust Control, Operator Full Control while Grinding.
    Harden Polyethylene Cast Housing provides durability and lightweight —
    While carefully designed for floor grinding, these lightweight Deluxe Guards are ideal for unmatched dust control and productivity during wall and overhead grinding.

    Flexible Rubber DiaphragmFlexible Rubber Diaphragm –

    • Eliminates the need for perimeter rubber skirts and constantly having to adjust the dust skirt.
    • Automatically adjusts the guard and cup wheel to the surface.
    • As the guard and cup wheel automatically conforms to the contour of the surface, simultaneously it maintains maximum dust control.

    Flip open hinge for dustless grinding along wall edges.Hinged Edging Cover –

    Opens to grind along wall edges while maintaining maximum dust containment.

    Replaceable Wear Gliding Strips.Replaceable Nylon Wear Strips (3/16″ height) –

    Prolongs the life of the guard as the Wear Strips glide the guard effortlessly across the surface . . . leaving the floor clean.

    Adjustable Air Vent for suction control. Fitted Air Vent –

    Adjustable air vent gives the operator finger tip control should the vacuum cleaner’s suction be too strong, which causes a suck-down effect.

    Assorted Insert Collars for installing onto a wide assortment of grinders. Adjustable Insert Collars –

    Equipped with assorted collars for installing the guard onto your angle grinder. Each collar is adjustable to further ensure that at least one of the included collars will fit your grinder. Additional collars are available to suit different makes and models.

    Swivling vacuum hose port, 2" OD. 2″ OD Vacuum Hose Port –

    Vacuum hose port swivels to help keep the vacuum’s hose from interfering with the grinding process.