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DiamaPad – Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads




New Technology – Better Results

Product Details

Restore, Clean, Polish, Maintain

For use on Smooth / Unfinished Concrete, Polished Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, VCT*

Eliminate the Need for Periodic Restoration — DiamaPads are used as normal scrubbing and polishing pads.

Use on All Types of Machines — Wet or Dry, Conventional, High Speed, Auto Scrubbers, Multi-Pad & Swing Machines.

Outperforms all other Cleaning & Polishing Maintenance Methods — No Need for Waxes, Sealers, Strippers or Other Chemicals.

Restore, Scrub, Clean & Polish — AT THE SAME TIME!

Additional Benefits:

Ease of use
Quick Learning Curve
Positive Results
Transform Dull Floors to a High Clean Shine
Save Time & Money.

Shopping malls, warehouse floors, business, residential, etc.

  • What is a DiamaPad?
  • What is a DiamaPad?

    As diamond technology advances, many are raving how diamond impregnated floor pads (DIP) clean and actually increase the floor’s shine every time you clean (scrub)!

    DIP’s can be used on most hard floor surfaces, including concrete, terrazzo, marble and VCT.

    Basically, DIP’s are hogs hair pads with a resin and diamond mixture sprayed onto them. Besides cleaning, DIP’s help to remove the everyday scratches and to keep a floor looking fresh. However, DiamaPads are not just a DIP . . .

    DiamaPads are the only DIP in the world that contains both diamonds and Ferron, which is the only substance that can scratch a diamond.

    Floor Comparisons: DiamaPad shine vs. "any" other DIP shine.

    From 100 to 8000 grit, DiamaPads provide exceptional performance and durability – Outperforming & Outlasting any other DIP by at least 3:1.

    As long as the floor has been prepped and is smooth (no broom finishes, coatings, deep scratches), DiamaPads will not only Sand (coarse grits) & Polish (finer grits) but you?ll be able to use the same pads to maintain the floor’s cleanliness and shine.

    And if an existing polished surface has lost its luster, DiamaPads are “thee” product to try before using “anything” else – including: Other diamonds, standard pads, scrub brushes and especially chemicals.

    And once restored, DiamaPads are the maintenance pad to use to make use that losing the sheen doesn’t happen again AND IT SHOULDN?T!

    Warehouse Club - Clean & Shiny Floor Results using DIamaPads.

    DiamaPads — The Easiest, Simplest, Safest & Fastest Way for you to Start, Finish & Maintain a Floor.

  • Pad Descriptions
  • Pad Descriptions

    DiamaPad - Black, 100 Grit, Aggressive. 100 Grit Black

    • Most aggressive or extra coarse
    • For damaged floors or use after grinding
    • HD removal of scratches & discoloration
    • Deep surface renovation or for use on a very bad floor.

    DiamaPad - Orange, 200 Grit, Very Coarse. 200 Grit Orange

    • Very aggressive, coarse grit
    • For damaged floors or use after grinding
    • HD removal of scratches & discoloration

    DiamaPad - Red, 400 Grit, Coarse.400 Grit Red

    • Typically the Step 1 Pad for a deep cleaning
    • Establishes a good starting point for the restoration process
    • Mildly aggressive, medium coarse
    • For damaged floors or use after grinding
    • HD removal of scratches & discoloration
    • Leaves satin or matt finish
    • Removes light to medium scratches, etch marks and deeply soiled floors
    • Used to remove standard floor coatings, no stripping chemicals are required:

    When using an auto scrubber turn the water to medium flow, set maximum down pressure on the heads, and work in a systematic way. Only cover an area you can easily control and vacuum residue as you go. To remove scratches run red pad over the surface 4-6 times in succession then check to see if the damaged areas are removed before continuing or moving to Step 2.

    DiamaPad - Blue, 800 Grit, Medium.800 Grit Blue

    • Typically the Step 2 Pad in Floor Maintenance for the Restoration Process
    • Cleans surface
    • Removes small scratches
    • Leaves a slightly reflective finish
    • Provides deep cleaning and produces an economical light reflective finish, most popular in large industrial and commercial applications.

    Used as a deep cleaning pad and to remove light scratches or repair lightly worn surfaces. Follow the same procedure as Step 1, above. The blue pad is best used wet. The blue pad also prepares the floor for the next step in polishing. Make 4-6 passes over the floor covering the exact same area as completed with the Red Pad in Step 1 then check the surface before continuing or moving to Step 3. Look for an even honed scratch free finish when this stage is completed.

    DiamaPad - Yellow, 1500 Grit, Aggressive. 1500 Grit Yellow

    • Step 3 Pad for maintained floors
    • Cleans & prepares floor for high polish
    • Removes fine scratches
    • Conditions stone & concrete floors for final polishing
    • Can be used as a regular maintenance pad

    Intended for both daily cleaning and polishing, producing a clear reflective shine.

    • All floors types and finishes
    • A+ Maintenance Pad
    • Regular finishing / Daily for High Gloss.

    This pad actually starts the polishing process. Follow the same procedure as in Step 2, covering the exact same areas. Look for a silky luster to the surface when this stage is completed. If you are using the green pad every day and the floor is in good condition but is losing some of its luster, use the yellow pad for one day to “Snap Back” the floor. After one day of use, switch to the Green Pad and use it every day to maintain the floor.

    DiamaPad - Green, 3000 Grit, Very Fine. 3000 Grit Green

    • Step 4 Pad – Very Fine Pad
    • Finishes off the 4-Step Process
    • A+ as a normal daily maintenance pad
    • Produces & maintains a Wet Look shine
    • Can be used on: Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Tile & VCT*
    • Finishes off the four step process leaving a polish sheen with the highest shine available
    • Daily use will maintain and improve the polish shine.

    The final polishing pad: Used as part of a light restoration – Make 5 passes over the floor, covering the exact same area as completed with the pads in Steps 1, 2 and 3. The best polish will be achieved if this pad is used dry with the maximum head speed and pressure that can be achieved with your machine. When used everyday wet or dry the green pad will clean and maintain the floor while producing the highest possible shine.

    DiamaPad - Tan, 8000 Grit, Very Fine. 8000 Grit Tan

    • Optional & Finishing Pad – Will make the floor’s shine “pop”
    • Produces & maintains a wet shine look
    • Can be used on: Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Tile & VCT*

    Designed for dry use but is commonly used wet. Adjust the pad speed and down pressure to the maximum that your machine can achieve. When used everyday wet or dry the tan pad will clean and maintain the floor while producing the highest sheen possible.

  • Technology

    Mall polished floor with DiamaPads.
    * Only the 1500, 3000 & 8000 DiamaPads are suggested for VCT.

    DiamaPads can be used on Terrazzo, Marble, Granite, Vinyl, Plastic, Linoleum, Ceramic tiles, Resin (top coat), Epoxy concrete and Acrylic floors.

    Engineered Versatility The biggest and most abused floors are no barrier for DiamaPads! There is no need to alter your cleaning and polishing program, just fit the appropriate pad onto your floor care machine and go! Airports, Super Sotes, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools or High Tech Production Plants. If the surface is right, DiamaPads will maintain and polish it.

    Impregnated DiamaPads with Diamond and Ferron.Better Than Competitors

    • Thicker and stronger 20mm pads
    • Only 5 passes per grit
    • Density 40 – 50 kg / m3
    • 60 Denier virgin polyester
    • Open weave for self cleaning
    • Lasts at least 2.5 times longer
    • Consistent finish on all surfaces
    • Proven longer lasting results.

    Clean, Lean Shiny Floors!

    DiamaPad on an auto scrubber.

    Save on cleaning time by installing a DiamaPad under your machine – any machine. DiamaPads are the new standard for efficiency and performance levels. They are simple to use, cleaning goes deeper, the number of required passes are reduced, and the need for chemicals is eliminated – You Save Time & Money!

    LESS PASSES, LESS TIME Exceptional productivity gains, with long pad life and high shine. Fewer pad changes mean fewer stoppages, less downtime, and longer pad life – results with less overhead. DiamaPads make cleaning and floor polishing easy! If the floor is dull and dirty use the easy to follow sequence below, and finish with the high performance green DiamaPad.

    Unmatched Results

    Competition vs DiamaPads.
    Take your floor from this…to this!

    Caring for the environment is much more than recycling! Optimizing the cleaning process with DiamaPads means spending less energy, less supplies and less time for the same job – with better results!

    Less passes = Less energy
    Pads have a longer life = Less waste
    No wax or polish work = Less Work
    Clean with water = No chemicals
    No maintenance = No downtime

    SUPER EFFECTIVE By using DiamaPads with the Ferrzon super abrasive compound, the number of passes needed to achieve the final result are reduced . . . this drastically reduces the time and energy required.

    DiamaPad sheen (top half of picture) vs. HTC sheen.
    Between using an HTC (Twister) Pad and a DiamaPad.

    Ferron Technology – Ferron Inside

    Impregnated DiamaPads with Diamond and Ferron. DiamaPads are the only impregnated diamond pads in the world that contains both diamonds and Ferron, which is the only substance that can scratch a diamond.

    DiamaPads are the ultimate solution for daily floor cleaning and polishing due to their unique technical properties. Designed, engineered and tested for the very best of results.

    Increase your efficiency while reducing costs and make your work easier!

    Because of their truly unique structural properties, DiamaPads have been proven to be superior to any other DIP that only contains diamonds for floor cleaning, maintenance and polishing procedures.

    Concrete Clean & Polished Floor, using Impregnated DiamaPads.

    To support the Ferron Technology, DiamaPads pads are more open weave and stiffer than competitors which thereby offers greater self cleaning and much better pad life and durability:

    Easily 3:1 Pad Life vs. Any Other DIP ~ Guaranteed.

    While providing exceptional performance, DiamaPads and can be used wet or dry. When used wet they only require water which removes the need for expensive chemicals. Today, cleaning costs are very important and DiamaPads help you avoid as much unnecessary cost as possible.

    Excellent Performance. Wet or Dry Use.

    Optimize your results using almost any type of floor cleaning machine on virtually any type of floor material.

    Numerous Possibilities – Every Floor, Every Machine:

    • Auto Scrubbr Driers
    • UHS (ultra high speed) Burnishers
    • Propane Burnishers
    • Single & 3 Head Machines
    • Oscillating Machines


    • No need to close large areas when working
    • Not labor intensive – reduces cleaning times plus DiamaPads polish AT THE SAME TIME
    • No specialty contractors are needed
    • No need for new machinery.

    With the knowledge we’ve obtained over the past 30 years we have now a range of pads that works exceptionally well under a wide range of machines and on an even wide range of floors – using just water.

    High Tech Floors! — Try a DiamaPad and get to know the Ferrzon Results as the top engineered solution for floor cleaning and maintenance.

    Ferron? is based on microscopic crystals produced and designed specifically for high performance cleaning and polishing.

    Shopping Mall, floors polished with DiamaPads.

  • Floor Safety
  • Shiny and Safe Floors

    Gloss Meter - Shiny floor testing.Keep it Safe! Independent testing proves that a clean floor is safer. Avoid slippery situations and accidents while achieving higher gloss levels and reflection. DiamaPads work on all types of floor surfaces so you don’t compromise.

    SAFE BEAUTIFUL FLOORS When cleaning or maintaining your floor, you become responsible for its safety and usage. With DiamaPads you keep the risk under control while improving the general look of your floors.

    Slip Test - Testing Equipment.
    Wet and dry testing is constantly taking place by flooring professionals to insure the best results.
    Low risk of slip after using DiamaPads is a guarantee.
  • Cleaning Sequence
  • Cleaning Sequence - Tips.

    DiamaPads works twice as fast as the competition – – – – –

    Normally only requiring five (5) passes per grit.

    works twice as fast as the competition – – – – -Normally only requiring five (5)
    passes per grit.
    – Grit –
    Terrazzo Concrete Granite Marble Vinyl’s
    Coarse 5
    Medium 5
    Fine 5
    Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily

    When using DiamaPads it is important to follow a few simple guidelines.

    • Remove dirt and dust first by using high / medium water flow on an auto scrubber using the first required grit.
    • Test an area that is out of the way before beginning the full job – Test an area that is easily controlled.
    • DiamaPads do not require heavy duty chemicals to work or heavy machines.
    • Beware of sharp protrusions in the floor (i.e. metal strips or sharp lippage). These will strip the Ferrzon? from the pads very quickly!
    • Make sure you install the pad with its wording up against the machine.
    • Use a flat velcro style or short bristle pad driver to maximize floor contact – ensuring a more even floor finish.
    • Wash pads daily.
    • When restoring, cleaning or polishing a floor, you only want to grind, sand or polish just beneath the damage. DiamaPads will help you from possibly removing too much. For whatever grit you start at, you have to progress through each grit; to ultimately achieve the shine of your choosing.

    Best Practices – Tips & Helpful Information:

    • DiamaPads make cleaning and floor polishing easy!
    • If the floor is dull and dirty follow the above sequence and go to daily maintenance with the green DiamaPad
    • Terrazzo surfaces are the most popular flooring for many high traffic public areas. DiamaPads are incredibly versatile and easily to use to maintain terrazzo and stone surfaces without the need for expensive polymers polishes.
    • DiamaPads will maintain terrazzo, stone and concrete surfaces without the need to apply many layers of sealers
    • Natural Stone floors scratch and dull in areas of heavy foot traffic. DiamaPads will restore most surfaces to as good as new, removing scratches and rejuvenating the shine.
    • Polished concrete floors are now easily maintained using DiamaPads with a high speed machine or burnisher. The combination of the DiamaPads with a 600 RPM High Speed Auto Scrubber (as opposed to a 180 rpm auto scrubber) is incredible.
    • The life expectancy of a DiamaPad is exceptional, typically lasting 3 times longer than the competition. Fewer pad changes also means few stoppages and less downtime. This also means you are obtaining a more consistent finish across a larger area.
    • DiamaPads work well under a wide range of cleaning and polishing machines – slow or fast RPM.