The Original 6" Dust Director
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The Original 6″ Dust Director



Complete Blade Visibility, Over 96% Dust Containment Efficiency, Aluminum Guard for Lightweight & Durability ~

  • 6″ Blade Capacity for 1-5/8″ Depth-of-Cut
  • Versatile – Designed for Grinding Brick Mortar Joints, Now Used in All Industries: Stone & Tile, Crack Chasing, Concrete, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry ~ Whenever you need complete dust containment.

Product Details

Dust Director: 96% Dust Control Efficiency for your Angle Grinders – With Complete Visibility of the Diamond Blade. Aluminum Weight, Durability and Complete Blade Visibility & Dust Containment.

  • One Guard to Use with 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″ and 6″ diameter blades.
  • 6″ Blade provide 1-5/8″ Depth-of-Cut
  • Made of Aircraft Aluminum for Long Lasting Durability
  • Installs onto Your Angle Grinder
  • Versatile designed for tuck pointing ~ A+ for Cut-Out Projects and Crack Chasing.

Learn more about the ICS Dust Director:

Applications, Unique Features, Depth-of-Cut – Dust containment efficiency with complete blade visibility

Comparison – Dust Director compared to other dust guards.

Testimonials – Including customer feedback on increased productivity.

OHSA Compliance – Understanding the Silica Dust & Asbestos Exposure Rules.

Grinder Test Results

Labor Cost What is the best angle grinder for Tuck Pointing, Productivity, Durability Click here for Test Results.

  • Stone Cutting
  • Stone Cutting - without & with - the Dust Director?

    Dust Director? – Conforms to ANSI & OHSA Standard B7.1 for compliance to OSHA’s proposed Silica Dust Regulation 78 Federal Regulation 56274

    Concrete cutting without using the Dust Director.

    From this...

    Concrete cutting using a Dust Director.

    To this: Over 99% Dust Containment Efficiency.

    Cut Anything: All types of material: Masonry, Concrete, Steel, Fiberglass, etc.

    Without the dust…

    Cutting vertical brick mortar joints. Notice the dust being "directed" into the vacuum barrel.

    • Tuck Pointing
    • Crack Chasing
    • Concrete Cutting
    • Masonry Cutting
    • Granite Fabrication
    Extension cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner - A+ for Tuck Pointing.

    Dustless Tuck Pointing

    Tuck Pointer: For Masonry Contractors & Tuck Pointers

    Dust Director with a Vacuum Package: Dust Director Vacuums with Self-Cleaning Filters.

    Combination Packages

    Dust Director with an Angle Grinder and/or Vacuum

    Dust Director with a Vacuum Package: Dust Director Vacuums with Self-Cleaning Filters.

    - Freight Prepaid -
    With Vacuum Purchase

    Dust Director for crack chasing / wall cut-out projects.

    Dustless Floor & Wall Cutting

    Free Dust Director - With a purchase of any twenty (20) diamond blades. See Blade Package below.

    Dust Director?- One Versatile Guard for All Applications:

    Dust Director / with Extension Cover open (to cut a wall's inside corner). Uses individual collars to fit your angle grinder.

    • One Compact Guard to use 4″ – 6″ blades, thin blades (.080) to .500 (1/2″) width
    • 6″ blades provides a 1-5/8″ depth-of-cut
    • A Dust Director installs and adjust on the angle grinder to “your way” of cutting (you can adjust the angle or position of the guard on the angle grinder to your particular way that you would like to hold the complete assembly)
    • Installs onto your angle grinder – No need to purchase a separate or specific angle grinder . . . Uses specific collars match a wide assortment of angle grinders.

    Best Features: Simplicity, Durability – Complete Blade Visibility: Made of HD aluminum for lightweight durability. The “wide” opening of the housing provides complete visibility of the work surface (you’ll literally watch the dust coming off the blade, going up into the exhaust port) – while containing over 96% of the dust.

    Dust Director --- Unique Features

    Extension Cover "unsnapped" to cut in tight areas and to cut a wall's inside corner.

    #1. Complete Blade Visibility.

    The wide open housing enables operators to completely view their work area for better control and accuracy of cut…helping to prevent accidentally cutting into adjacent bricks.

    Extension Cover "unsnapped" cutting a wall's inside corner.

    #2. Cutting a Wall’s Inside & Outside Corners.

    The Dust Director provides complete 180? blade coverage. By unsnapping its extension cover you expose another cutting edge on the diamond blade, which is used to cut a wall’s inside or to get into tight areas.

    When approaching a wall’s inside corner, turn-off the angle grinder and un-snap the Extension Cover.

    You then proceed with the Dust Director to cut into and out-of the inside corner . . . easily helping to improve productivity on the job.

    Cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner ~ Further enhancing productivity "on the wall".

    #3. Cutting in Tight Areas.

    Being able cut with the extension cover un-snapped also enables the Dust Director to cut into tight areas, such as inside fireplaces – while still maintaining effective dust control.

    Cutting brick mortar joints - dust free - with complete blade visibility.

    #4. Increased Blade Capacity.

    Regardless of angle grinder size (4-1/2″, 5″ or 6″), the Dust Director accepts 6″ Blades.

    Productivity Tip: Many contractors use 7″ – 10″ diamond blades to grind horizontal mortar joints. Although these blades provide faster productivity and longer blade life (compared to 5″ blades), they also require larger and heavier tools (7″ and 9″ angle grinders or 8-1/4″ and 10-1/4″ circular saws) which increase operator fatigue.

    SUGGESTION: Use a 6″ diamond blade in the Dust Director and a small, compact 12 or 13 amp angle grinder. This Cruise Control Angle Grinder is about the same size and weight as a typical 8 Amp 4-1/2″ angle grinder, while having the power to handle a 6″ blade.

    Depth-of-Cut Capacity. A Dust Director accepts a 6″ blade.

    Blade Diameter 6″
    Depth-of-Cut 1-5/8″
    Blade Widths The Dust Director accepts
    1/2″ wide blades

    Keep the barrel of the Dust Director close to the work surface for superior dust control.

    #5. Grind Recessed Mortar Joints.

    Many brick and stone walls have recessed mortar joints (especially stone walls with their irregular and protruding outward shape). Regardless of the grinder’s size, being able to use 5″ and 6″ blades with the Dust Director enables you to effectively grind all types of recessed mortar joints.

    #6. 2″ Diameter Barrel.

    • The Dust Director’s 2″ diameter barrel provides a convenient handle for using the tool and worker comfort.
    • The extra wide diameter eliminates or prevents chunks of mortar or concrete from becoming lodged inside both the guard and the barrel. FACT: When cutting concrete or masonry, besides powder, chunks of debris are also broken-off. The 2″ wide barrel eliminates large pieces of solids from becoming lodged inside the guard . . . thus prevents productivity downtime of removing debris from inside the guard and blocking the dust port.
  • Comparison
  • Comparison to other Dust Control Guards

    The Dust Director’s design is based on simplicity:

    • From installing it on the angle grinder
    • To adjusting while its on the grinder – adjust or position the Dust Director on the angle grinder to “your way of cutting”
    • To using it . . . to its versatility . . . durability . . .

    International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers

    And being able to Completely See the Blade and the Cutting Surface.

    The Dust Director? was specifically designed at the request of the Masonry Union (Brick Layers and Allied Craft Workers).

    As the years have past, many of those men who where instrumental in not only the design of the Dust Director? but in the cause to reduce silica dust exposure within the work force have move on . . .

    If you would like to discuss the develop and research of the Dust Director?, feel free to call the following BAC officials who have offered their support:

    Pittsburgh, PA, phone: 412.825.0923 – Kurt Keller – Safety Coordinator

    Bowie, MD – International Masonry Institute, National Training Center, phone: 301.291.2100 – Mike Kassman, Bob Arnold

    Dust Director vs. Other Dust Control Guards

    MADE in the USA – 100% from USA Metals & Manufacturing.

    Made in the USA

    American Ingenuity, American Design – Manufactured and brought to market after working and meeting in the field with Masonry Contractors and Construction Safety Personal like yourselves, to understand what you wanted and needed in a dust control guard.

    An American Original – Not Imitated and Copied or Analyzed by Lawyers to Circumvent its Design.

    • Weighs less than the steel guard that is included with the angle grinder.
    • Clear plastic guard quickly cloud-up with dust, they heat-up, and break very easily.
    • Slim-line Design: Compact, Lightweight . . . For comfortable handling all day. Comfort & Productivity: The Dust Director’s complete design is focused on the contractor. As a safety director once said, “Give the men comfort on the wall, and they’ll give me production.”

    Adding extra features increases a product’s size, bulkiness and weight. Versus the slim-line, lightweight design features of the Dust Director.


    Installs onto a wide assortment of angle grinders:

    • Installs onto inexpensive angle grinders (6.0 amp) to 13.5 amp variable speed angle grinders, including:
      • Bosch
      • Hilti
      • Hitachi
      • Makita
      • Metabo
      • Milwaukee
    • Installs onto your angle grinder . . . No need to purchase separate or specific angle grinders

    Attach the Dust Director onto the angle grinder at the angle or position that is most comfortable to you.

    Install and adjust the Dust Director to the angle that you want to cut with . . .

    All other dustless guards are locked into specific cutting / grinding positions, telling you how to cut . . .

    With the Dust Director, you position the Dust Director on the angle grinder to “Your way of Cutting”


    Cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner ~ Further enhancing productivity "on the wall".

    Extension Cover – Unsnap the Dust Director’s extension cover to cut into tight areas, cut into and out-of a wall’s inside corner – while maintaining dust control.

    6″ Diamond Blade Capacity – 1-5/8″ Depth-of-Cut
    Even when installed on a 4-1/2″ angle grinder the Dust DIrector’s 6″ blade capacity provides a 1-5/8″ depth-of-cut, which comes in handy when mortar joints are recessed…

    Tested by NIOSH

    Niosh Logo.

    Dust exposure levels are below the NIOSH established Exposure Limits for Silica Dust Exposure – See NIOSH “TEST RESULTS” (bottom of page) for the Dust Director’s effectiveness in containing the dust.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials

    When we ask contractors and bricklayers to put together the vacuum and dust guard they’d like to see tested the Dust Director figures prominently. And whenever we do the tests the guys operating the grinders like the fact that you can see more with the Dust Director.

    It might be worthwhile from a business point of view to verify that the Dust Director is ANSI compliant and advertise accordingly.

    Exposure Assessment, Program Director
    CPWR – Center for Construction Research and Training

    Finally, a dustless tuck pointing system that works . . . We asked him to help us find a way for our members to cut without the dust and he made the complicated simple, durable and worker friendly ~ Providing Complete Visibility of the Blade.

    Apprentice & Safety Coordinator
    Brick Layers & Allied Craft Workers, BAC Local 9
    Pittsburgh, PA. Phone: 412 – 825 – 0923

    A comfortable tool to work with, lightweight, completely wide open, great blade visibility.

    I always said, “Give the men comfort, and they’ll give me production.

    Safety Director, Masonry / Concrete Restoration Contractor, St. Louis, MO

    Increased Productivity!

    Before using the Dust Director, we cut 4 – 8 hours a day and spend 4 hours cleaning up. Now we’re cutting 10 – 12 hours!

    Masonry Restoration Tuck Pointing Contractor, Bedford, NH

    Dusting of an Entire Room!

    The following conversation took place between a plumber and an ICS employee:

    “I saw your Dust Director being used, inside a building we were remodeling.”


    “Yes, Harris Masonry just purchased one for the job. They really liked it.”
    “No, I really like it.”
    “You? Why you? What do you have to do with cutting masonry?”
    “You don’t understand. When those guys start cutting concrete or masonry, especially inside a room, everyone has to leave. We can’t work, we can’t see anything . . . we have to stop working and it takes hours for that dust to settle. With your Dust Director all the trades are able to keep working.”