14" Gas Dust Directors for Stihl, Husqvarna & Makita Gas Cut-Off Saws.
14__002 14" Gas Dust Directors for Stihl, Husqvarna & Makita Gas Cut-Off Saws. 14__003

14″ Gas Dust Director



Masonry & Concrete Cutting…Without the dust!

  • Researched, Designed & Tested by the Brick Layers & Allied Craft Workers (BAC)
  • 96%+ Containment Efficiency while providing Complete Blade Visibility
  • Flat Work Sawing, Hardscape Pavers, Walls, Block, Concrete Pipe – Forward Cutting “without the dust”
  • Installs onto Husqvarna, Makita & Stihl Cut-Off Saws.
  • Features
  • Features, Specifications.

    14" Gas Dust Director - Very efficient dust control. Well Balanced ~ “Easily adjustment to catch the dust stream . . .”

    • Made of aluminum, the guard itself weighs less than 2.0 lbs.
    • 4″ Dust Port — Simply by lowering the backend of the saw you’re in complete control to catch the dust stream off the 14″ blade.
    • From whatever angle you may be holding the saw, observe the dust stream to immediately catch and direct the dust into the Dust Director Vacuum.
    • Each 14″ Gas Dust Director installs onto the saw’s housing using the included attachment bracket and hardware ~ without any modifications or drilling into the saw. (The saw’s screws are removed to attach the guard and the same screws are then used to secure it.)

    Applications & Efficiency of using the 14″ Gas Dust Director?


    14" Gas Cut-Off Saw ~ Without using the Dust Director.
    14″ Stihl Cut-Off Saw ~ Without using the 14″ Gas Dust Director?


    Using the 14″ Gas Dust Director?:

    14" Gas Dust Director - Notice the dust stream . . . going into the Dust Director.
    96% Dust Control Efficiency ~
    Using the 14″ Gas Dust Director?
    14" Cut-Off Saw with the Dust Director installed.
    With a 14″ diamond blade
    With a Dust Director? 1-Motor Vacuum: 150 CFM, 12 gallon tank – Model DD1200.
    14" Gas Dust Director with 95% Dust Containment Efficiency.
    14″ Gas Dust Director? installed . . .
  • Safety & Warranty
  • Product Liability, Safety Notice, Manufacturer's Warranty.

    The Dust Director? is a viable component for use on an angle grinder to protect the operator, bystanders and the environment from the hazards of created airborne silica dust.

    However, upon the buyer and/or user?s attachment of the Dust Director? to the angle grinder, such a modification may void the manufacturer?s warranty of the angle grinder particularly when an oversize blade is used.

    Additionally, due to product liability insurance, the Buyer and/or User are now notified that by using the assembled “saw” they do so at their own risk, accept all risks, and indemnifies all parties associated with the Dust Director?.