10 Gallon Compact, Maneuverable Explosion Proof 110 Volt 1-Motor Vacuum, Class I & II Compliant for vacuuming combustile dry debris.

EXP1-1000 Explosion Proof Vacuum

Product No. / SKU: EXP1-1000


Portable 10 Gallon Explosion Proof Vacuum provides you with the highest level of combustible dust protection for both Class I & Class II Conditions. Legally Certified for use in Class I – Division 1 – Group D T3C; Class II – Division 1 – Groups E, F & G Locations.

Combustible dust / explosive conditions DO EXIST AT YOUR FACILITY!

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Product Details

10 Gallon, 120 volt, 9.0 amp motor, 132 CFM, 69″ water lift. HEPA Filtration for vacuuming dry debris. Size: 18″ x 32″, 82 lbs.

Equipped as follows:

  • 2″ Inlet Port w/ 2″ Hose Reducer Cuff
  • 1.5″ x 10′ Static Dissipating Hose
  • 1.5″ x 27″ (2 pcs.) Stainless Steel Wands
  • 1.5″ x 16″ Floor Brush with Conductive Bristles and Rubber Blades
  • 1.5″ x 11″ Crevice Tool
  • 1.5″ x 8″ Dusting Hand Tool
  • 1″ Conical Angle Brush with Conductive Bristles
  • Conductive Polyester Filter Collection Bags (3)
  • 15 Amp 120 Volt Ground Plug.


  • HEPA Filtration: Efficiency of 99.95% on .3 microns
    • Washable main cloth filter assembly w/ stainless steel filaments, 1 micron efficiency
    • Washable pre-filter assembly
  • Stainless Steel 10 Gallon Recovery drum, type 304 construction with a 6 gallon recovery capacity
  • 2 Year Warranty Parts & Labor.

From ultra fine powders to general dry debris, the extracted waste is contained in the stainless steel collection tank. HEPA filtration includes a washable main cloth filter and pre-filter.

Legally Certified Explosion Proof to the Following Standard: Class I – Division 1, Group D T3C; Class II – Division 1, Groups E, F & G Locations.

Explanation of Standard [Class I, Division 1]: A combustible dust location is present due to normal operations or when dust is present and the accumulations exceed 1/32 of an inch on at least 5% of the floor or around processing equipment.

For example: When dust accumulations exceed 1/32″ around the manufacturing or processing machinery, cleaning the surrounding area and the machines it will most likely be considered a Division 1 location.

  • Combustible Dust
  • Combustible Dust

    OSHA estimates that over 30,000 U.S. facilities, in all types of industries, are at risk everyday for a major combustible dust explosion. The threat of an industrial explosion in your facility is very real.

    Combustible dust can explode like gunpowder. If you let it build up it could blow you way . . .

    And while you may not think of it as an explosive hazard, don’t underestimate its potentially devastating consequences . . .

    Aftermath of a combustible dust explosion at an acoustical tile plant.

    For this reason OSHA recommends – and in some steps requires – that manufacturers use a Certified Explosion Proof Vacuum as part of their Regular Plant Maintenance or Housekeeping Program.

    What ignites combustible dust?

    Powder dust, laying on pipes in a manufacturing company.

    What Causes a Combustible Dust Explosion?

    There is a risk of explosion when any five of the fire and explosion elements are present: fuel, oxygen, an ignition source (such as fire or electricity), dust in a cloud, confinement of that dust cloud (such as in a room or vessel.)

    If you can eliminate the dust, you can eliminate the explosion hazard . . .

    During plant maintenance, the traditional practice of sweeping or blowing will actually increase your chance of a combustible dust explosion.

    What Are Some Ways to Reduce the Effects Should an Explosion Occur? Installing ventilation, using pressure-relief venting on equipment, using spark/ember detection and extinguishing systems, using explosion protection systems, sprinkler systems, and other specialized suppression systems.

    One of the best, easiest and more cost effective ways to prevent a combustible dust explosion is to use a specialized or non-conductive, 100% grounded, industrial vacuum. However, in many cases, the vacuum itself could be the igniter (with its electrical motor, on/off switch, metal parts) that actually causes the explosion by producing a spark (electrical or static).

    Simply put, when it comes to safe plant maintenance, not just any vacuum will do…

    Protect Yourself from a Combustible Dust Explosion

    Field-Proven, Legally Certified

    Dust Ignition Protected
    Explosion Proof Vacuum

  • Warning
  • Warning

    All explosion / dust ignition proof vacuum cleaners must be used only with the factory authorized tools, accessories and filters. Any Substitution will render the warranty null and void and my result in bodily harm. ICS nor IPC Soteco will not assume any responsibility for damages which may occur from misuse or improper handling of these explosion proof vacuum cleaners.

    As the vacuum cleaner supplier, ICS is refrained from making the determination as to whether a location is Division I or Division II. It is the responsibility of the end-user to make its own hazard analysis to determine the classification, possibly by conjunction with local health and safety authorities, your insurance company or other 3rd party consultants.

  • Safety Features
  • Safety Features:

    • Conductive 10 Gallon Tank with Static Dissipating Elements.
    • A simple and non-intimidating vacuum cleaner to use ~ Providing top safety, convenience and comfort for the user.
    • 4-wheel dolly for easy maneuverability.
    • 35′ Power Cord w/ 15 Amp Ground Plug.
    • 100% Stainless Steel 430 Structure & Collection Tank.
    • Vacuum gauge for checking when the filter bag is full.
    • Stainless steel detachable recovery tank, 7.9 gallon recovery capacity
    • Cart with Static Dissipative 4-Wheels (front wheel locks)
    • Vacuum (Suction Performance) Indicator Light.
    • 1 Year Motor Warranty, 3 Year Tank Warranty.
    2" Inlet Port
    Central-mounted inlet valve in conductive plastic
    On / Off Lighted Switch and Filter Flow Light.
    Filtration and Flow Control System
    Conductive Main Filter.
    Conductive Main Filter
    Installed Clean Extreme Filter Bag.
    Filter Bag Containment & Convenient Disposal
    Protected HEPA Filter.
    HEPA Filter 99.95% Tested at 0.3 micro with Pre-Filter