green wave blade
DD07U-2 green wave blade DD07U-3

Green Wave Blades



Smooth & Easy Cutting
#2 Best Seller. Outlasts HD Orange DP blade 3:1 on X-Hard mortar.

10MM (.394) Diamond Height. Versatile unique bond for General Purpose to Medium Hard Materials.
Very Smooth Cutting, A+ Blade Life.
Customer Testimony: 3 days to 1 – Outlasts HD Orange DP Segmented Blades.

  • Wave core design adds stability to the steel core, draws in air around the steel core, debris is removed faster – Provides a faster, cooler, smoother cutting, longer lasting blade
  • Recommended for use on Medium to Medium Hard Materials
  • Fast, Smooth Cutting Performance – ?A pleasure to cut with . . . ?
  • Chip-Free Cutting, Long Blade Life
  • Smooth, Fast, Chip-Free Cutting on Medium to Harder Concrete.

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