HSALT - Absorbent for use brine waste streams.

H SALT High Salt Absorbent

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Absorbent for brine waste streams when the salt content does not exceed 7% (7 pounds per gallon).

55 lb Bag

SOLIDIFICATION YIELD: If a 55 gallon drum of slurry or sludge, 3/4 full (roughly 40 gallons), weighs 300 pounds, times the 5% Dosage Rule (300 lbs. X 5%). You’ll need 15 pounds of HSALT to solidify the material. Also note, the more solids that are in the material to solidify, the less HSALT you’ll use.

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Product Details

Solidified & Non-Solidified Drill Mud.Additional Applications: Very effective lubricant or shale inhibitor during earth drilling operations. Improves the drilling fluid’s ability (typically a salt water solution) to remove cuttings from the wellbore. A blend of super absorbent polymers provides the best combination of properties for absorption and dissolubility.

Treated Mud Solidification – Problem:
The process of drilling through the earth typically exceeds 100’s of thousands of gallons of drill mud. The liquid waste typically consists of a brine solution.

To optimize disposal costs, reducing transportation and disposal cost by eliminating the number of trucks and for transporting the solidified mud waste also needs to be considered; as well as being in compliance with management regulations for liquid waste disposal.

Result: Using HSALT, drill mud is typically solidified with an average reagent dosage of 1.5% (by weight) while eliminating any additional liquid waste treatments. Likewise, you can also include that an estimated a number of hours of trucking, 100’s to 1000’s, will be eliminated as well. If the treated solid meets requirements for beneficial reuse, you should also be able to prevent any unnecessary landfill and associated cost for unclean soil.

Drill Mud Processing Station.Product Attributes:

  • Structural nature of the polymer improves the cutting and carrying ability to keep drill holes clean.
  • Good compatibility with a wide mix of ingredients.
  • Simple on-site application, directly added or mixed with the slurry.

Method of Application: 0.1 ~ 0.5% and according to the job site condition.

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