5" Surface Corner Dust Guard - Front View.

5″ & 7″ Hybrid Surface Dust Guard



This dust shroud for corners is designed with two edging faces ? at the front and at the side. Fabricated from steel it will not warp or wear prematurely and is rigid in shape to allow for the hybrid floating skirt which automatically adjusts to the right height when you place the grinder on the floor or you can order the rubber and hook skirt.

Frictionless in operation without suck-down it is easy to control and will not drain your energy quickly which will increase your productivity.

Uses include concrete floor grinding and polishing, glue and paint removal, grinding of fiberglass and removing paint or smoothing floors.

A removable cover strip is fixed to the front and side of this dust shroud for corners with hook and loop fastening for quick, tool-less removal when grinding against a wall. The plastic and rubber skirts will eventually wear through in small areas by the grinding wheel while edging so that debris may escape when grinding the main floor away from the wall. This will be prevented by replacing the cover strip after edge grinding is completed .

Under most conditions this dust shroud will fully contain the dust when fitted to an adequate vacuum dust collector.

For best performance do not mount the grinding wheel too high or have more than 2mm gap between the top rim of the steel shroud and the underside of the grinding wheel.
The dust outlet tube is 38mm OD and 35mm ID which is standard for many vacuum fittings and 35mm vacuum hoses, and adapters can be purchased from vacuum dust collector suppliers to reduce 50mm vacuum hoses to the 38mm shroud fitting.

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