iQTS244, 10″ Dustless, Dry-Cut Tile Saw with Blade

Product No. / SKU: iQTS244



Order today! That?s thousands of cuts without a drop of water?while breathing fresh, clean air.

Retail price $1740 includes one (1) blade and stand.

Product Details

Cut Tile With No Water.

Ceramics. Porcelain. Marble. Stone.

The iQTS244? Dry Cut Tile Saw

1. Vacuum System

  • Cyclone technology tested to capture 99.5% of dust
  • 92 CFM high output vacuum
  • Saw automatically starts vacuum

2. Filter System

  • Three-stage filtration
  • Quick-Spin? filter for easy cleaning
  • 11 sq ft iQ Dura Bond filter

3. Dust Containment

  • Empty dust tray once a day
  • Easy cleanup and recycling
  • Meets OSHA?s new 2016 silica standard


    The Best Tile Saw For Professional Contractors

    With fully-integrated dust collection technology, this innovative design combines the power of a top of the line tile saw with a powerful cyclonic vacuum.

    The result is a dustless tile saw that cuts clean, efficient and precise, with no water, no slurry and virtually no heat?even with hard materials.

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