Joint Sealant Cutter Blade, 4-1/2".
SL2_001_RS Joint Sealant Cutter Blade, 4-1/2". SL_001_RS9564CV_l

Joint Sealant Removal – Cutter Blade

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SIZES: 4-1/2″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 12″

Cuts through hard and softer joint sealant – Without melting the sealant.

For Use On:

  • Walk Behind Saws
  • Hand Held Angle Grinders – Variable speed models are highly recommended (picture, right).
  • High-Speed Cut-Off Saws
  • Hot Rod Saws

As effective as the blades are at slicing through sealant – WITHOUT MELTING IT – simply by lowering the RPM’s on a variable speed angle grinder (or going just above neutral) on gas walk behind saws) you’ll naturally reduce friction heat to further help improve or prevent the blade’s effectiveness at slicing through longer sections of sealant without melting the sealant.

Harden stellite cutters slices along the inside edge of concrete and masonry expansion joints without having to go back with a wire brush to clean a straight edge:

  • As the blade slices along the joint’s inside edge, the sealant is COMPLETELY SCRAPED CLEAN with one pass of the blade . . .
  • Any excess sealant that may be inside a jagged edge can easily be removed by lightly cutting into the concrete using the Stellite Blade.

End Result: New, clean inside edges are exposed – assuring you of proper adhesive bonding of the new sealant to fresh exposed concrete.

Cut through hard and soft bubble gum sealant without melting.

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Product Details

Removing caulking / expansion joint with a utility knife.There has to be a better way . . .

Removing caulking or joint sealant from concrete & masonry control joints has always been a slow, labor intensive, unhealthy chore . . .

Now, with the Stellite Sealant Cutter Blades and a standard handheld angle grinder all types of joint sealant material (extra hard to soft) is easily, effective and quickly removed . . .

Sealant Removal – Fast, Professional, Safe, Effective

Accomplish 2 Steps in 1:

Sealant is sliced from inside the joint – Without melting ~ Extreme hard or pliable sealants.

Inside edges are completely scraped clean.

Joint is ready immediately for the new sealant.

As the caulking is cut, a fine edge finish is left.
Clean, Finished Inside Edge –
Ready for Immediate Resealing.
Strips of cut sealant - sealant is not melted.
Strips of joint sealant being easily removed from the joint.
Joint sealant - Sliced away from concrete.
Sliced Joint Sealant, ready to be pulled from the joint.
  • Slices through hard and soft joint sealant without melting the sealant
  • Harden Stellite chips stay sharp to maintain their slicing edge – Inside joint edges are shaved “completely clean” ~ ready for immediate resealing
  • For use with grinders, cut-off & walk-behind saws
  • testimonials
  • Testimonials

    Stellite Cutter - Joint Sealant Removal Blades.

    Without exaggerating, we cut over 1 mile of joint sealant using the 6″ blade. The only reason why I’m purchasing another one is one of its teeth fell off, but that same blade is still going using only 3 teeth!

    9" Hybrid Hot Rod Saw. Complete blade visibility & dust control for both crack chasing & saw cuts ~ 2-3/4" depth-of-cut.

    Our 1st purchase was (2) of the 12″ and (3) of the 7″. We got several thousands of feet from the 12″ blades and over 1000 feet with the 7″. For now on we’re going with the 20 Diamond Deal and the Hot Rod Saw (right).

    Removing “soft” joint sealant at a General Electric warehouse: The sealant was of “bubble gum” viscosity. With all other removal methods, it was taking 1 minute to remove 6″ inches of sealant. With the Stellite blade, productivity increased to 6 feet per minute. Additionally, the blade left the joint’s inside edge clean; ready for resealing.

    Grinding or cutting brick joints using the Dust Director.Stellite Joint Sealant Removal Blade

    Specifically designed to remove both HARD & SOFT joint sealant material WITHOUT MELTING the SEALANT.

    Soft urethanes ? Hard polymers ? Asbestos joint sealants, etc.

    How Do You Keep the Blade Cutting so Cool?
    I cut over 1,200 feet and the blade doesn’t get hot! The inside edges are clean and the blade still looks new!

    Masonry Restoration Contractor, LA, OH, CT, PA, IL

    What the contractors are saying about the Stellite Cutter Blade

    Phenomenal – Night and day productivity versus using a FEIN Caulk Cutter

    Completely removed the sealant – we cut down both sides of the joint and pulled-out long strips of sealant. The sealant was completely removed – we didn’t have to go back and clean the joint’s inside edges — well done and thank you.

    . . . used it on sealant that was very gummy (we think they forgot to add the hardener to it). The blade worked far better than a Caulk Cutter or wire wheel.

    Masonry Restoration Contractor, Chicago, IL

    Fast ~ Very, Very Fast Slicing

    Extremely Productive – After we cutout the sealant we immediately were able to install the new sealant. The inside edges were completely free from the old joint sealant and new concrete was exposed for proper bonding of the new joint sealant – the joint was completely prep’d and ready to go . . .

    Coatings & Caulking Removal Company, Miami, FL

    The blades last longer than the angle grinders!
    6″ Hot Rod Saw. Crack Chasing, 1-1/2″ Saw Cuts, Joint Widening, Sealant Removal & Crack Chasing.”The sealant material is 2″ thick and we went through two angle grinders — but the blades are still new!
    We’re switching over to your Hot Rod Saw and the 13 Amp Variable Speed Makita Angle Grinder that you’re endorsing.

    Concrete Restoration Contractor, Chicago, IL

    < Click here for Hot Rod Saw information >

  • Cutting
  • Slices through Hard and Soft Joint Sealant - without melting the sealant.

    Discharged "sliced" sealant is fluffy - It is not hot! | Slicing through the middle of sealant - Sealant does not melt.
    Slicing through the outside edge or down the middle of sealant material without melting – including sealants with the viscosity of bubble gum. viscosity.
    Safely and quickly removes the sealant along the joint's inside edge - without melting the sealant. | Cutter blade cutting deep into the joint.
    Completely sink the blade into the joint without damaging the Stellite? cutter chips from hard concrete or aggregate that may be directly beneath the sealant material.

    Slice through Hard Polyurea, Soft Urethane & Silicone ~ Without Melting

    Cutter chips maintain their sharp edge

    The joint sealant material does NOT melt

    The cutter chips will NOT prematurely fracture.

    Slicing into soft, pliable joint sealant - Sealant does not melt!
    Dust Director Joint Sealant Cutter Blades cut fast – with no melting of the sealant nor fracturing of the diamond cutters.
    Slicing along the edge of a concrete joint without damaging the diamond cutters.
    Harden cutters are protected from fracturing.
    Slicing along the edge of an expansion joint.
    Quick and easy slicing (removal) of joint sealant along the inside edge of concrete expansion joints.
  • Hot Rod Saws
  • Incredible Combinations

    6" Hot Rod Saw ~ 1-1/2" depth-of-cut + dustless crack chasing. | 9" HD Hybrid Multi-Use Saw. | 10" & 12" Hot Rod Saws ~ 4-1/4" depth-of-cut without the dust!
    6″, 9″, 10″ & 12″ Hot Rod Saws – Compact, HD, dust control saws for dustless crack chasing, saw cutting and joint sealant removal using the Stellite Cutter Blades.
    “We cut over 1,500 feet using the 4-1/2″ blade on the 6″ Hot Rod Saw and the blade is still new!”
    < Click here for Hot Rod Saw information >
    Using the 117 blade for standard joints. | Oscillating Blades for Caulk & Joint Sealant Removal. | Using the longer 116 Tapered Blades.
    Assorted oscillating blades for the Fein Super-Cut & Multi-Cut Tools

    As effective as the Stellite Blades are, including being able to use them on handheld angle grinders for detail work, it is inevitable that you’ll have some intrigue work to do . . .

    The Dust Director? oscillating blades are least 50% less expensive than the FEIN blades.

    Click here for Oscillating Blades & Tools

  • Specifications / Features
  • Specifications / Features

    Thermally Stable Stellite? Cutters

    • Resists high temperature heating
    • Maintains their sharp cutting edge
    • Harden, high temperature cutters keeps the blade from dragging – preventing friction heat

    Precision Shaped & Fitted Chip:

    • High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) – Solid Stellite? Cutters
    • Precisely made, shaped and fitted to resist friction heat build-up
    • Cutter maintain their sharpness to slice through hard and soft joint sealant instead of grinding it . . .

    Maintains Sharp Slicing Edge

    • Utility knife blades and diamond blades wear prematurely.
    • Diamonds round-over and grind (they do not cut). Hence, when a diamond blade grinds it creates friction heat which causes it to instantly melt the joint sealant.
    • The harden cutters on the Stellite Blade do not round-over which keeps the sealant from melting.

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