Knuckle Head HD Demolition Blades
D0709D-2 Knuckle Head HD Demolition Blades D0709D-3

Knuckle Head HD Demolition Blades (D-Series)



Concrete / Masonry Cutting

  • General Purpose Laser Welded Segment Blade with A+ Durability and Versatility ~ Premium Laser Welded, Fast Cutting.
  • Specifically designed for applications where the blade can be misused / abused by workers (i.e. Cutting rebar instead of switching to an abrasive blade, just because the diamond is on the saw.)
  • General Purpose 30 Bond – Enables you to cut deep into concrete without overheating, segments hold secure when cutting through metal and rebar
  • A+ Performance, Safety, Productivity and Life in a Quality Inexpensive Diamond.

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