Dust Control Kit for Makita Demolition Hammers / Chisels.
M33_2 Dust Control Kit for Makita Demolition Hammers / Chisels. M22_CMakita_196571-4_ActionM12_C

Makita Chipping Dust Guard. For Makita Demolition Hammers.

Product No. / SKU: 196571-4


Complete Kit – For all Makita Demolition Hammers (1-1/8″ Hex and SDS Max)

Fits all Makita Demolition Hammers, 1-1/8″ Hex Shank and SDS Max Hammers.

For use with demolition hammers and rotary hammers (that accept SDS-Max). Engineered to help reduce dust created from breaking and chipping concrete.

6-Piece Kit for Increase Compatibility. For use with a jobsite vacuum (sold separately), and is compatible with Makita SDS-Max Rotary hammers and Demolition Hammers. After attaching the dust cover and hose assembly to the shaft of the bit the user can attach the hose to the hammer using one of two hose holders which are designed to fit the hammer's handle.

Additionally, a third hose holder allow the user to attach the hose to the power cord. This versatility allows the user to direct the hose to the jobsite vacuum in the most efficient manner, and to keep it out of the way during use. The kit also includes an additional hose joint for increased compatibility. The attached is engineered to use with bull point or chisel bits commonly used in concrete demolition applications.

The Dust Extraction Attachment is a kit and includes a dust cover, hose (62-1/2″ L), hose holder for the power cord, hose holder for the “D” side handle, hose holder for straight side handle, and hose joint (1-7/8″ID, 2″ OD).

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