PS-300 Power Station, for use with any 1, 2 or 3-Motor Dust Director Vacuums
PSS_007 PS-300 Power Station, for use with any 1, 2 or 3-Motor Dust Director Vacuums DD1500_WPS_W200PSS

Power Stations (2 sizes)



Add-on Module:

Increases Collection Yields, Performance, Productivity 33%! Reduce Filter Bag Consumption 33%!

— Add a Power Station to your Dust Director? Vacuum —

PS-300 Fits 1-Motor Dust Director Vacuums.
Dimensions of Power Station, 12″(w) x 9.64″(h)

#PS-400 Fits 2 & 3-Motor Dust Director Vacuums: DC-2S, DC-2, DC-3, AB-3, and HP Vacuums.

Product Details

Power Stations. Maybe the most important wet/dry vacuum accessory in the industry!

A Power Station is simply a cylinder or an extension tank that you insert between the collection tank and motor head. Installed, collection yields, productivity and suction performance all improve 33%!

After using a Dust Director? Vacuum and seeing for themselves how powerful their suction is maintained, customers often say that the tank fill so fast (even as they realize that the dust has completed filled the tank – to its inlet port.)

Using a Power Station will solve this problem. Installed, you’ll be able to collect an additional 33% more debris which directly improves suction performance, productivity and reducing bag consumption — all by 33%!

How Does It Work? While the AIRFlow HEPA Filter System in a Dust Director? Vacuum enables you to completely fill the collection tank (to its inlet port) without incurring suction drop, when you install a Power Station, 1/3 of the motor head and 100% of the cartridge filter are now removed from the collection tank.

Benefits of Removing the HEPA Cartridge Filter & the Motor Head from the collection tank:

  • Cartridge Filters Last 20 Times Longer ~ Maybe Indefinitely. With the HEPA cartridge filter now in its own air space, completely removed from the collection tank and away from direct contamination of the incoming debris, the filter stays clean.This is especially important when vacuuming damaging adhesives and mastics which have always been a problem with filters in vacuum cleaners.With the HEPA Cartridge Filter now in its own protected airspace, away from the incoming debris, the filter will last significantly longer. Additionally, when a filter bag is used in the vacuum the cartridge filter will not get suffocated from the collection bag as the bag accumulates with debris, fills, and eventually being to wraps itself around the filter which would cause suction drop.
  • 33% Increase in Collection Yields. With more room in the collection tank, the filter bag is now able to collect 33% more dust. When Clean Extreme Filter Bags are used, these bags are able to collect large volumes of dry silica to moist debris and even hot mastics – without blinding or accidentally bursting or tearing while the vacuum is operating.
  • 33% Increase in Productivity. By being able to collect 33% more in the collection tank you’re able to work 33% longer for increases in productivity.
  • 33% Decrease in Filter Bag Cost. By being able to collect 33% more – in the same filter bag – filter bag consumption drops 33%!

Bonus of Using a Power Station:

  • Longer Motor Life – Motors simply operate more efficiently and operate significantly cooler since the debris will not be suffocating or blinding the cartridge filter.
  • Increase in Suction / Motor Performance: With cooler operating motors, suction power is being maintained as the cooler operating motors “cool themselves”. Hence, they last longer.

With the cartridge filter out-of-the-way and operating cleanly in its own protected airspace, powerful suction power is easily and naturally maintained without using electronics to shake or pulse filters.

When Do You Use a Power Station? Any time you want to increase collection yields, productivity, vacuum performance AND reduce filter bag consumption – all by 33%. On smaller projects, you may not want or feel the need to use the Power Station. And on those occasions and you’re still able to collect 140 pounds of dry powder and debris in the Clean Extreme Filter Bags ~ Without Suction Drop.

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