Grinding Cup Wheels - S Segment w/ Different Grits.

S – Segment



Very Fast, Aggressive Removal of Concrete, Long Lasting, Individual Grit Sizes

  • Our Most Popular Cup Wheel – Offered in 3 Grit Sizes: Coarse, Medium and Fine.
  • 20 Coarse Grit for fast grinding and open pore finishes for proper bonding of sealers and coatings.
  • Leaves a Uniform Finish without swirl marks
  • Medium & Fine Grits provides a very smooth profile for the 1st Step in Concrete Polishing
  • Coarse 20 Grit is Exceptional for light coatings & sealer removal; and to keep the pores of the floor open for re-sealing or bonding of coatings
  • Reverse & Impreller Segments Reduces the Strain on the Grinder while A+ for improving performance of Dust Control Systems.

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