Dust Director Sandwich Blade - Silver.
Double_Kut_Snap Dust Director Sandwich Blade - Silver.

Sandwich Blades



See below for Sandwich Blade features.

  • Black
  • Black

    Dust Director Sandwich Blade - Silver.For General Purpose to Exceptionally Hard Mortar Joints

    Number 1 Tuck Pointing Blade in America: A+ Cutting Performance & Life: “A pleasure to cut with.”

    How good are the Black Sandwich Blades: “On extremely hard mortar we typically use air grinders. But these blades cut so easy we’re able to use electric grinders.” – Masonry Restoration Contractor, Wabash, Indiana.

    Pleases 90% of the people on general purpose to hard mortar joints – 100% on exceptionally hard mortar.

    • 10mm (3/8″) diamond segment height
    • Spec No: WB
  • Silver
  • Silver

    Black Sandwich Blades for Hard Mortar Joints.For General Purpose Type Mortar Joints

    Very Smooth, Fast and Easy “Cutting” on General Purpose Mortar

    Identical to our Black Sandwich Blade in quality but designed for general purpose to medium hard mortar.

    If the mortar is exceptionally hard, go with the Black Sandwich Blade.

    Sandwich blades (Black & Silver) provide chip free finishes – Smooth, Easy Cutting. Instead of grinding Sandwich Blades “cut.”

    • 10mm (3/8″) diamond segment height
    • Spec No: WS

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