Maxi-Bag Separator.
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A separator is simply placed in front of any size vacuum whenever you want more collection yields and/or productivity. Or if you are finding the filters in your vacuum are blinding or clogging too soon, you probably need to use a pre-separator. Reduce the debris that reaches your vacuum’s filter with our pre-separators.

Product Details

Additionally, another way of looking at how a Separator works is as follows:

  • With the maintained suction power of our Dust Director and CJET Vacuums, the vacuum is looked upon as the “power house” and the Separator as the vacuum’s collection tank.
  • In this arrangement, besides keeping the vacuum’s filters clean, Separators provide easier remove, handling and disposal of the debris for increased productivity on the floor.

For any concrete or terrazzo floor grinding project, a Separator is essential as it: Easily quadruples collection yields, keeps the vacuum’s filter clean and operating at 100% power, provides for easy handling and disposal of debris.

Zero Drop in Suction. If the filters in your vacuum cleaner are clogging within one hour, use a separator to extend cleaning times to 4-1/2 hours.

Unlike other separators that have a larger or smaller cavity (the separator’s diameter and/or depth), the precision design of a Dust Director Separator will not reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the included Cyclonic Shield deflects the incoming powders by creating a powerful downward force that drives the extracted powders to the bottom of the tank. Just as important, the Cyclone Shield keeps the powders from cycling back upwards and into the vacuum’s air stream where it would prematurely blind the vacuum’s filters.

Maxi-Bag Pre-Separator Specifications – equipped as follows:

PS-4000   $1300.00
  • Tangential 2″ Side Inlet with Telescopic Cart for easier transportation
  • 70′ long plastic Maxi-Bag can be separated into approximately 25 individually sealed bags for fast, safe handling and disposal of dust and debris
  • Includes: Cyclone Shield, 2″ x 12′ hose w/ cuffs (for lid of separator to the vacuum), one (1) sections of 2″ x 12′ hoses w/ cuffs (for side inlet on separator to the grinder.)
  • Size: 22.5″ x 22.5″ x 45″ (extended), 22.5″ x 22.5″ x 36″ (collapsed), tank diameter: 14″

55 Gallon Barrel Head, Pre-Separator – Installs onto 55 gallon drums.

Reduce the debris that reaches your vacuum’s filter with the  55 Gallon Barrel Vacuum Pre-Separator (PS-55). This adapter is designed to convert a 55 gallon drum into a vacuum pre-separator and can be used upstream from an industrial vacuum to separate out and collect debris.

Barrel not included.

PS-55   $720.00


  • Rugged Steel Construction with Funnel Adaptor
  • Same features as the above PS-19 Separator but for use on 55 gallon drums, providing twice the collection volume as the PS-19
  • Rugged Steel Construction with Funnel beneath the separator’s lid to prevent extracted powders from reaching the vacuum’s filters
  • Heavyweight adaptor ring securely holds the PS-55 on top of a 55 gallon drum
  • Funnel – Installed beneath the lid of the separator to increase the downward spiraling force, helping to keep the extracted powders on the bottom of the tank and from directly flowing to the vacuum’s filters
  • Inlet Port Size: 2″ cast aluminum

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