Pearl SlimCut 40 SRT "Slicer" Wheel.

SlimCut SRT Thin Cut-Off Wheels



SlimCut SRT A high performance thin Cut-Off wheel designed to cut metal and stainless steel. It is ideal for cutting thin and thick gauge as well as rebar, brick lintels, flat stock, bar stock, square tubing and much more.

SlimCut SRT wheels are engineered with a propriety SRT grain and bond mixture which makes the wheel cut faster and last MUCH LONGER * * * SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER * * * than other abrasive thin cut-off wheels.

The high performance SlimCut SRT Wheel is one of the longest lasting thin cut-off wheels on the market, this results in fewer wheels changes, reduced down time and a lower cost per cut. All of this equates to increased production, efficiency, and higher profits.

Slimcut SRT Synthetic Resin

  • Test Study
  • Test Study - Pearl SlimCut SRT vs. the Metabo ?original? Slicer? Wheel.

    Metabo "original" Slicer Wheel.The use of thin cut-off wheels is dominated in the market by Metabo Corporation and their original Slicer wheel. An interesting and rather unexpected comparison between the two wheels recently occurred when the president of a power tool distributorship decided to remove the wood burning firebox in his family room and replace it with a gas fireplace insert.

    With a stock of Metabo Slicer wheels at his disposal, he proceeded to slice and dice through the iron firebox and its various attachment brackets. After watching the 6″ Slicer wheels disintegrate before his eyes (they literally reduced themselves to 3″ wheels within 2 minutes), he switched to a Pearl 6″ SlimCut SRT wheel that his distributorship had received as free samples to try from Pearl Abrasive Corporation.

    RESULT: With the same smooth and fast cutting performance as the Metabo Slicer Wheel, the Pearl SlimCut SRT wheels outlasted the Metabo Slicer wheels BY AT LEAST 10:1!

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